About Us

A customer-experience driven brand and inbound marketing agency working with B2B Technology, Telecommunications, Network Infrastructure and Cloud businesses around the globe. We help businesses successfully navigate an increasingly complex marketing landscape, build compelling brands, engage with customers on their terms, and increase sales.

Our story

Radial Path was founded by Ruth Plater who sits at the helm of our core team of project managers and marketing experts.

She has over 15 years of marketing and sales experience in the cultural, sport and tech industries – most notably as VP of Sales and Marketing for the global carrier network IX Reach, and VP Global Marketing at the Silicon Valley SD-WAN and cloud company, Console Connect Inc. Ruth is well-known for her ability to transform brands, uncover the right marketing strategies, and accelerate sales.

“We believe that marketing begins and ends with sales. Our comprehensive understanding of the Tech space, means we also understand how niche it can be at times, and what it takes to pitch your business in the right ways, at the right time, to the right people, to deliver qualified leads and start conversations.

At Radial Path we’re passionate about two things – brands and marketing tech. It’s our mission to combine the two to help more brands stand out in a crowded market. We help businesses in the B2B technology space make the shift toward more responsive and data driven marketing that engages with customers on their terms, and increases sales.

I hope you enjoy your customer experience with us, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly.”

Ruth Plater

Founder & CEO

Our Team

Ruth Plater CEO of Radial Path

Ruth Plater

Founder and CEO

Radial path team member

Daniel Veti

Inbound Marketing Coordinator

Radial path team member

Syamsul Rozmey

Marketing Technology and Automation Specialist

Radial path team member

Alan Moses

Marketing Operations Specialist

Radial path team member

Tasmin Lockwood

Tech Research and Content Writer

Radial path team member

Adam Porthouse

Design & Web Development

Radial path team member

James Baxter

Film and Video Producer

Radial path team member

Jonny Maxfield

Film and Video Director and Post Production

Radial path team member

Graeme Maher

Senior Graphic Designer

Our culture & values

At Radial Path we foster a culture that’s creative, ambitious, fast-paced, fun and collaborative. We’re also mega geeks that believe in the power of combining great content and design with cutting-edge marketing technology and data-science.

We recognise how marketing used to be and where it’s going, and we’re passionate about the shift from traditional interruptive methods to highly-creative, personalised approaches that the customer chooses.

We’re experts in brand development and focus on inbound marketing strategies that support sales and the customer journey throughout the entire customer lifecycle. We don’t just stop at generating leads like most marketing agencies. We make sure you’re maximising your close rates and nurturing customer loyalty to secure continued business growth into the future.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help businesses in the technology space, shift from traditional marketing methods toward more responsive, data-driven approaches that improve digital presence and execution, address marketing operational concerns, and improve brand equity, reach, and impact.

Core Values

Make a customer, not a sale

This is the lifeblood of Radial Path and the reason for our logo and name – a continuous and looping customer path without end and multiple interactions. We never forget that once a customer has bought into a brand, their journey is only just beginning.

Innovation and operational excellence

In today’s digital world, business is moving faster than ever. That’s why we embrace new ideas and technology and encourage our customers to do the same.

Modern marketing

Traditional methods are still valid, but the world has moved on. Consumer buying habits have changed and cold calling, seller-centric approaches are no longer as effective as they used to be. As buyers are doing more research, marketing and sales is transforming into a more buyer-centric process, utilising content and inbound methods – all underpinned by clever technology and data science.



We’re only as good as our last performance

We’re an ambitious but humble lot, who are always looking to evolve and improve on our last achievement.

Open communication and transparency

In small communities, transparency is crucial for building trust and better relationships. We’ll always be honest and open with our clients on who we work with and where conflicts of interest might arise.

Creative exploration

No ideas are bad ideas. We explore it all, whether that’s trends in a market or designs for a logo. We work with diverse and highly-skilled people in order to stimulate creative ideas and thrill our clients.

Why Radial Path?

B2B tech industry experience

With an expert knowledge of the B2B Technology, Telecommunications, Network Infrastructure and Cloud industries, we understand how to position and sell your business in these niche, fast-paced, ever-evolving communities and ecosystems like nobody else.

Go-to-market experts

Our expertise in market positioning, brand development, product, content and corporate marketing, combined with marketing tech, means we can easily troubleshoot and fix operational and marketing issues, so you can be agile and responsive with your marketing as your business grows.

Skilled partner network

We’re a cosy team of experts and project managers. And, when we need to, we upskill with the very best people in the business – leveraging our extensive network of partners, marketers, creatives, strategists, technologists and storytellers. This means we can pick the most appropriate people and partners for each job, and deliver powerful customer experiences that fit all budgets and business goals.

Powerful marketing technology

Through key partners, such as Hubspot, we utilise cutting-edge marketing technology to maximise your marketing ROI using data-driven intelligence, and get you closer to your customers.

Know any companies in desperate need of our services?

Our referral scheme is in place to reward our friends and advocates in the B2B Tech industry. If you make an introduction to a potential client and they simply can’t resist our services, we’d like to show our gratitude with a £500 one off ‘finders fee’ for minimum retainers, or 5% of one off projects – it’s a win-win. We only have a few rules, don’t worry. For more information, drop us an email.


Work for us

We’re always looking for talented writers, designers, digital marketers, account managers and project managers.

If you can make the complicated simple, tell a great story or have a particular penchant for technical subjects, we’d love to hear from you. Send us your CV and some examples of your work to Ruth at:


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