Campaign Management And Optimization

Megan Killion
December 3, 2021

When you’re spinning plates, it pays to have eyes on all of them before they tip. With your campaigns (especially multi-channel efforts, like in our recent case study), having a highly organized campaign management system will offer you ongoing optimization opportunities as the project continues. 

When you are a small team that focuses on flexibility, data can help. Understanding and optimizing your information streams lead to better planning, implementation, and results at all stages of your marketing efforts.

Campaign optimization is doubly essential in industries with niched content. This includes the technology-rich space of cloud computing, content delivery networks, and tech-based startups like SaaS and B2B Sales tools.

When you consider tackling your optimization objectives and ideal outcomes, here are a few ways that a marketing team could help you through time-tested solutions.

Brand Development For Rapid Content Deployment

A well-constructed brand kit connects your brand and customers through a reliable collection of assets and colors that create cohesion within your brand and image. Not only do they help solidify your assets, but they remove any questions about the artistic direction of your content.

Working with a marketing and design team to create logos, digital assets, and brand guidelines arms you with a toolkit of fonts, graphic-ready logos, and letterheads that make your brand pop without having to hunt for pieces to put the messaging together.

With a firm brand guideline, you can quickly implement assets and link to your time-sensitive CTA’s, recent successes, client victories, or any other announcement without waiting for an artistic muse to come to activate your fancy.

Ongoing Platform Review

Platforms are like pedigree dog breeds—they all have personalities.

Activating clients across all of these channels requires a data-backed approach so you can visualize and better optimize the metrics that will lead to higher success.

Running your campaigns thoughtfully to build on the accrued data will allow you to integrate your landing pages, outreach, and targeted marketing more effectively throughout your pipeline process. If a strategy works in one channel but not another, repivot and reimplement what you have learned over time.

Optimization throughout your marketing projects is a process that begins today but pays dividends indefinitely. Ask yourself where your successes come from and maximize them using your present resources.

Influencer Relations For Increased Outreach

After you have created assets, especially those with a time-consuming component such as video and animation, they don’t do much good without your potential customers seeing them. The same goes with product launches, prototypes, media demos, or any other tool you have that improves conversion as soon as it is in the customer’s hands.

Here, affiliate marketing and influencer relations can connect you with the industry leaders you need to expand your market presence. Inviting other social channels into your marketing projects optimizes by increasing the reach of your content quickly and with endless opportunities for review.

Your relationship with your influencer will offer you assessment opportunities and metrics that you cannot consistently achieve with in-house marketers. After all, a short-term or as-needed contract is easier to walk away from than a hired position.

Managing and optimizing your marketing strategies is an ongoing task, but it doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Choose an experienced marketing team like Radial Path for your next technology and marketing deployment. Together, we can increase your marketing content’s scope, reach, and effectiveness.

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