Chaotic Marketing Tech Stack

Megan Killion
December 6, 2021

The only great marketing strategies are those that focus on growth. Initially, this may be limited to the obvious metrics such as your social media presence and responses to email outreach. In time, however, the scope of the data needed to measure success and to move forward effectively will scale as well.

When considering short-term and long-term strategies for growth, a robust marketing tech stack will help you envision and implement the procedures and optimizations that will see returns where you need them most.

This begs the question, what happens when the strategies you deploy no longer work towards your goals? If you have found yourself in a position to ask, this blog is for you.

A chaotic marketing tech stack can go against your needs in various ways. This article will cover a few instances where your marketing tech stack may be refined, paused, or pivoted in new directions for greater optimization and returns.

Your Marketing Tech Stack Is Not Helping Your Team

When looking over the metrics, you access as an owner, often there is a disconnect between the ground-level work being done and total process visibility. Businesses have attempted to deal with this in the past by implementing a marketing tech stack that includes advanced analytics and data capture so that there is a better understanding of all aspects of the workflow. These analytics could be from the time logged on projects to the clickthrough impact.

However, these strategies are not always seamless on the side of employees. Interrupting a workflow or implementing wide-scale changes must be balanced with its impact on your team. Before you commit to a path of action that may solve a specific problem you have, consider an audit to see what challenges your team faces and whether there is a solution that solves both.

For instance, an email service like Posedon may double as a workflow tool for email personalization and a strong metrics indicator for sales managers. It solves a problem for both the sales team and the managerial team.

Suppose too much of your marketing stack is privileging only a portion of your team. In that case, the process may become sluggish, chaotic, and an overall drain on resources—something we’ll discuss below.

Your Marketing Tech Stack Is Draining Your Budget

With a limited budget, you need to be tactical with the subscriptions and paid solutions you implement. There’s no shame in realizing something isn’t working or no longer works as it once had.

In addition to being time effective, your marketing tech stack should also be cost-effective. High-level strategies may take some dedication before you see the full benefits they offer, but with planning between your teams and a shared vision, you should see the path forwards in terms of improved workflow and target setting. When paired with an employee strategy like performance bonuses, having an effective marketing tech stack can see better staff activation on all levels.

Consider meeting with a sales activation team to explore how to best use your resources (both human and digital) for improved performance. 

Your Marketing Tech Stack No Longer Solves Your Problems

At the heart of your business are people and problems. Your efforts should be focused on propping up both and abandoned should they fail to do one or either. 

Your marketing tech stack becomes chaotic when the vision for its purpose is lost, and the process becomes a rote filling out of entry forms and the generation of reports that no one sees. The process of understanding what purpose your marketing tech stack serves goes hand in hand with your budget, as a frequent review of goals will reveal how useful your technology is in achieving them.

As your business grows and changes inevitably occur, it is up to the organization’s leaders to continue looking forward—not continue on a path that no longer serves the needs of the business.

Put bluntly, if we as a society have moved past ska, you can get out of your limited CRM.

When used correctly, marketing data can be a fantastic tool, and an effective marketing tech stack is the best system for lifting those numbers out of the ether and onto the page.

Radial Path is your technology marketing partner who are eager to assist you in making the most of your strategies and implementing practical and data-backed methods. Book a consultation with us today for a review and optimization of your advertising in the exciting space of digital tech marketing.

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