Digital Asset Management—What Are The Benefits?

Stephen McAreavey
April 29, 2022

As organisations grow, so will their need for an efficient management system for their digital assets. When assets are spread across multiple devices, in inconsistent formats, qualities, and naming conventions, it makes it extremely difficult for creative teams to effectively produce campaigns and collateral. 

Digital Asset Management (DAM) removes the stress and admin from creative processes by providing a singular, secure repository for digital assets, slashing time-to-campaign and protecting creatives’ time. 

Aetopia DAM is the secret weapon of some of the world’s leading organisations. Kew Gardens, the V&A Museum, and many more are using our platform to create, collaborate on, and store their precious digital data. Here’s a few of the ways Aetopia DAM is making their lives easier.

We increase efficiencies throughout the organisation.

Many DAM platforms on the market facilitate sharing through email notifications, which can quickly clog up employee inboxes and run the risk of causing more frustration and roadblocks than they solve. 

We’ve considered every little feature for our DAM platform, which is why Aetopia enables sharing through unique links; no spam-like emails, so nothing gets lost.

The platform also contains deduplication monitoring, where all uploads are checked for uniqueness to ensure only one of each asset is stored in the DAM platform. This mitigates confusion over version history and makes it easy for users to find exactly the assets they need.

We provide the highest levels of security. 

Aetopia DAM is a secure, centralised repository for all kinds of digital assets; image, video, documentation and audio. The platform is backed up in real-time, ensuring maximum protection for all assets the second they are uploaded.

The platform offers role-based access permissions for both internal and external users, giving teams complete control over who can see what, and when. 

Aetopia’s rigorous security protocols make it the perfect, secure DAM companion for large organisations who require multiple users but cannot afford to compromise on their asset’s protection.

We enable creativity and brand consistency.

Creatives spend 62.5 hours annually searching for company assets, Aetopia DAM slashes this time. Rapid file previews, deduplication software, and solid naming conventions all work to provide users with a fast and easy way to find assets they’re searching for, and ensures every asset is up-to-date and stored at the highest quality. 

By providing an intuitive, single-point of storage for all digital assets, we also ensure archive consistency and integrity. Even the most disparate teams can collaborate with ease via  cohesive digital workflows, wherever they are in the world.

Want to discuss your unique digital asset management requirements? Get in touch for a free consultation with Aetopia’s DAM experts, and check out the platform features here.

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