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What Is Buyer Intent Data?

Marianne Turner
February 2, 2021

According to Google, 89% of B2B buyers conduct internet research when making purchase decisions. They’re asking questions like:

“Fastest CDN for video streaming”

“Most secure enterprise grade communications platform”

“How to implement hybrid IT infrastructure”

In short, they’re showing intent to buy.

Utilising this data is the most effective way of determining the position of prospective customers in their purchasing journey. It allows marketers to separate the casual researchers (those contributing to your high bounce and low conversion rates) from the valid, high-potential prospects. Saving resources, time, and effort by enabling super targeted outreach.  

Blogs and webinars are still legitimate and effective methods of lead generation, but they’re costly and often take time to return their investment - especially when they’re read by the wrong people. The use of intent data in outreach ensures your content and messaging is getting to the best audience - not just on paper, but those actively seeking your company’s product. It’s like your buyer personas coming to life and telling you exactly what they want, exactly when they want it. Sounds cool? We think so.

And besides, inbound marketing is so 2010.

Black And White Film GIF

Intent data can be acquired both internally and externally. Internal data comes from your own marketing efforts (your CRM, contact forms, product guide downloads). Companies like Bombora reveal intent signals in these pre-existing data sets. Whereas external data comes from third party providers (ZoomInfo is a favourite of ours).

Once obtained the uses are endless. Upload custom lists to Linkedin for sniper targeted outreach, create intelligent and informed paid advertising campaigns, elevate ABM efforts and reach out with confidence. 

However you use your intent data, it’s guaranteed to make cold outreach a little bit warmer.

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