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PCCW Global is a $30+ billion telecoms company headquartered in Hong Kong. They acquired Console Connect in 2017 in order to provide automated, software-defined, dedicated network connectivity to enterprise.


Console Connect is a highly sophisticated network and software combined platform that enables the enterprise to bypass the public internet and connect directly to cloud infrastructures (e.g. AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform) as well as SaaS and other enterprises, without the need to build their own infrastructure. In order to ramp this, they signed up for Hubspot to support automated marketing efforts and awareness campaigns, but needed assistance in ramping the use of the platform.

Campaign Setup

Campaign Runtime
6 months
Product Exposure
Campaign Type
Customer Success
Conversion Rate
Number of conversion

How we do it

Conducted an audit on their existing marketing automation processes and use of Hubspot

Completed setup and resolved any areas of concern with the architecture and use of the platform, including recommendations for internal processes and data handling

Produced a 60-page in-depth handover document with the full setup

Developed content plans and strategies for the three key personas and for each stage of their buying journey, including post-sale engagement to drive active use of the platform

Console Connect