Blockchain Marketing


The Digitalbits Foundation encourages the mass adoption of blockchain. The Digitalbits Blockchain is rapid, secure and cost-effective for end-users, but also has a particular focus on reimagining loyalty and reward schemes by tokenizing points.


Forward thinking, blockchain is still abstract and unknown to most. DigitalBits needed support in presenting their Blockchain solution to potential participants: network infrastructure (data centres, cloud and managed service providers), service integrators and app developers, and enterprise companies to join their blockchain ecosystem and network. We supported the hosting and marketing of two events within six months, which catered to the infrastructure partners and the loyalty and rewards sector.

Campaign Setup

Campaign Runtime
12 months
Product Exposure
Campaign Type
Social Media Marketing
Conversion Rate
Number of conversion

How we do it

Successfully helped organize and market two conferences with tight deadlines, drawing high profile, C-level crowds from within very niche sectors

Sourced and secured high profile speakers and panelists, as well as our CEO participating as a moderator and master of ceremonies

Developed the event program of panel discussions and keynote presentations

Created a solution brief to present the market challenge in both Blockchain and consumer loyalty sectors, and the DigitalBits solution