Partner Activation


One of the largest Internet Exchanges in the world, offering direct routes across a network of diverse, international peering partners. LINX operates a number of Exchanges in the UK and an Exchange in Northern Virginia, USA.


LINX run a partner program for resellers of their Internet Exchanges. The program was carrying a lot of inactive members, it was draining resources and had not kept up with the shifts in the industry. This inactivity among partners and slowed performance, meant it no longer made sense to invest in a partner program without restructuring it. They approached us as experts in this field to research the market for the remote services their partners were reselling and identify firstly - if it made sense to continue the program, secondly - what the challenges were that partners were encountering in the program or in general, and thirdly - what opportunities the market presented to evolve the partner program. We were then tasked with reimagining the program to re-engage partners and ensure sales opportunities were no longer missed.

Campaign Setup

Campaign Runtime
5 months
Re-engage Partners
Campaign Type
Lead Generation
Conversion Rate
Number of conversion

How we do it

One-to-one meetings with our CEO to ensure complex products and pitches were correct and on-track

Conducted a full market analysis, including challenges in the industry, pricing in the market, competitor landscape and review of their partner programs, internal interviews and workshops with the sales and marketing teams, and data analysis

Undertook idea generation for more attractive partner benefits and incentives, tier plans and more, to establish the best add-on advantages to participating in the program

Redesigned the program structure and framework, including contracts and agreements for partners