Marketing Consultancy


Optify offers the UK’s most advanced ultrafast fibre optic technology, serving multi-tenanted properties across residential, student, key worker and military accommodation.


Optify approached us to support them in defining a new suite of smart buildings products. They were at the start of their product development stage, bringing partners onboard, building processes and operations, and training sales teams, but needed to finalize the product offering and packaging. They needed a simple way to communicate this exciting new suite of services but lacked basic sales collateral and messaging to do so. With it being a complex service offering, sales and marketing content needed adjusting to add new features, new partners and extra specifications as it was taken to market. The suite needed to be communicated as a whole service and as an individual, stand-alone products, meaning they required versatile content that could be easily updated and used in print and digital formats, sales meetings and trade shows.

Campaign Setup

Campaign Runtime
6 months
Product Exposure
Campaign Type
Brand Development
Conversion Rate
Number of conversion

How we do it

One-to-one meetings with our CEO to ensure complex products and pitches were correct and on-track

Provided product expertise, experience, and guidance, given Radial Path’s 10+ years industry experience

Offered recommendations on how to condense content being used and present each product to varying audience groups with succinct messaging

Created a brochure with overarching messaging, taglines, phrasing and technical content for the new product suite and individual product sheets - including features and benefits, and use cases. Sales people could present the entire brochure or individual product sheets depending on their prospects’ requirements.