The days spent crafting PeeringDB's rebrand, from concept to creation.

We opened PeeringDB to a whole new audience through extensive market research, thoughtful repositioning, and a really, really cool robot.

As digital transformation accelerated in the enterprise space, PeeringDB needed to overhaul their messaging and branding to appeal to new users in an informative, simple way.

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The Organisation

PeeringDB is a highly-respected, non-profit and community-driven initiative. It offers a freely available, user-maintained, database of networks, and since it’s launch in 2004, has become the go-to location for interconnection data. It is a public tool for the growth and good of the Internet and facilitates the global interconnection of networks at Internet Exchange Points (IXPs), data centres, and other interconnection facilities.

The Objective

We reviewed the market and competitive landscape to see what gaps there were in terms of branding and got to work redesigning the PeeringDB logo and style guides. At the same time, we reworked their messaging to be less intimidating to new audiences and gave them an easy to grasp tagline.

The Outcome

The logo was an abstract of a database icon and network chevrons. The tagline ended up being - Join. Search. Grow your network. We reskinned the front of the database, created retro t-shirt designs and stickers for the community, peeringDB statistical usage infographics, social media cards and finally a robot mascot. To communicate visually PeeringDB’s benefits, we created bespoke 2/3D assets, developed a storyboard and script, and a high-end 90 second video animation with DB Bot as the starring role.

"We love how the Radial Path team really gets what PeeringDB is all about and completely understands interconnection. They always manage to communicate exactly what we need them to through incredible design, messaging and other work they do for us. I highly recommend them."
Greg Hankins
Outreach Committee Chair

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