Growth Stack

Setting you up for success. The Growth Stack is where we start with all our clients. It’s a checklist we work through to make sure all the steps that will provide you with the foundations for successful inbound marketing are covered by either us or you. It also enables us to formulate a solid 12 month strategy and set of marketing goals for your business.

We’re very flexible (thanks to points!) so you can incorporate any work in the stack into the first month or two of your retainer, or keep it separate - it’s entirely up to you. The requirements for each step in the growth stack, and therefore the points allocated, may vary based on the size and complexity of your business. In these cases, we can add, downgrade, or remove aspects of the Growth Stack and give you a bespoke points proposal to get you started.


Business Snapshot

A high level exploration of your business

Review marketing budgets, understand overall business goals and timelines

Enough to outline the level of retainer you'll need to start with, which can be refined in the strategy and gameplan


Strategy and Gameplan

Deep dive exploration, to create a detailed 12 month inbound marketing gameplan

SMART goals created for your inbound marketing and content plan

Data analysis: We analyse as much data as we can, such as client interviews, heat maps on your website, existing messaging, site audits, keyword and SEO audits, and surveys. With this information we can then assess areas for improvement on your website and issues with your messaging strategy

Build your marketing KPI scorecard and set prime goal values


Buyer Personas and Journeys

Define ideal customer target profile

Define customer buyer journeys

Development of 2x buyer personas with recommendations for further personas to develop in the future


Messaging Framework

Define the value proposition: what does your business offer and why? How is this delivered and how is that different to the competition? Why should your audience care or buy into your brand?

Outlining of a message hierarchy, highlighting what, and how, to discuss your messaging with your audience

Includes an outline of 3 possible campaign options for future use


Launch Campaign

A 12 week detailed campaign plan, including possible SEO focused blog post outlines, social outlet recommendations, email workflow automation, and premium awareness offer outlines

Aligned with content plans to fit the ideal target profile, buyer personas and types of content that will resonate at different points in their buying journey

Content editorial calendar setup

Social media calendar setup


Hubspot Software and Integrations

We partner with Hubspot and use their marketing software for all our clients. It offers full-funnel management, CRM, automation and conversion tools, publishing tools, analytics and more

Full HubSpot setup includes:

  • Your HubSpot portal (saving you the HubSpot onboarding fee: basic account is £490, pro account is £2,450, enterprise account is £4,100 going direct with Hubspot)
  • Setup of two offers - we’ll take existing content that you have and repurpose it into two offers, one that will serve as a Top of Funnel offer, and the other as a Bottom/Middle of Funnel. This will allow us to begin collecting leads immediately, while we work on new offers in the future months
  • Email template designs
  • Blog and landing page template designs
  • During the onboarding process, we'll set your company up with the Hubspot tools, including assisted integration with your company website
  • We require clients to have a Hubspot Pro account, which allows for 1,000 contacts (£655/month)
  • Find out more about Hubspot: End-to-end demo of Hubspot, read more at Why Go Hubspot?

Sales and Marketing Integration

Closed loop management of prospects and customers throughout their entire lifecycle with your business, requires alignment between marketing and sales

This includes internal communications, processes to hand off leads, follow ups, data exchange, tech stack currently in place and agreements between the teams

We will liaise with your sales and marketing teams to design and implement a Hubspot lead management framework: contact properties, workflows, lead scoring strategy, lead routing, contact segmentation, follow up process by sales, optimisation of important lead profile information viewed by sales team and sales rep notifications setup in Hubspot

Recommended SaaS integration to support the sales process


Inbound Marketing and Sales Methodology Training

Basic training of sales and marketing staff to understand the inbound methodology and how to utilise Hubspot

Support in implementing SLAs between marketing and sales for number of leads generated by marketing and follow up commitments by sales

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