Managed B2B Sales

Grow Your Sales Pipeline With Qualified B2B Sales Leads - Managed by us.

Our B2B lead generation service consistently delivers highly targeted and qualified leads every week, by combining tried and tested traditional networking with modern outbound methods. Intelligent social selling and email outreach run in sync to provide you with the highest quality leads, meetings and demos.

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Only quality prospects

See what our sales acceleration solutions can achieve, using LinkedIn and patented AI technology to access real-time company, people and event data. We streamline prospecting so your sales team can spend less time finding leads and more time closing deals.

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B2B Social Prospecting





LinkedIn outreach campaign - guaranteed outreach to up to 3K highly targeted prospects per month

LinkedIn campaign features: profile view generator, sequence messaging, connection requests, free InMail messages, Twitter engagement, A/B testing
Bespoke copy written for connection requests and sales outreach
10-15 qualified leads per month
Integration with your team: CRM integration, sales processes
All lead data we've managed to acquire during your campaign, for use in future marketing campaigns
LinkedIn profile makeover (1 account)

B2B Comprehensive Managed Prospecting





All of the services in the social prospecting package
Email prospecting through our real-time sales acceleration database of 400+ million contacts (1,000 contacts/month)
Fully managed prospecting conversations in LinkedIn and on email to nurture leads
Comprehensive sales team: content writers, sales rep, and senior manager for quality assurance
10-15 meetings/demos booked per month
Performance reviews: weekly, monthly and quarterly

Lead data for 1,000 contacts/month for use in your own marketing campaigns

Meet your amazing team

Ruth Plater

Senior Manager

Daniel Veti

Sales Representative

Content team