Our Approach

Growth needs a solid, structured approach. All work we do is within a framework that consists of three key steps: Discover, Define and Deliver.

Whilst we have more granular workflows and methodologies for individual services, this is where we start with every client. It’s designed to make sure we have a comprehensive view of your business and desired outcomes, so we can build informed plans, allocate resources and achieve agreed growth goals.



Understanding the current state of things, and knowing where you’re going is the first step. We’ll ask you a host of questions and request information on existing materials, plans or corporate strategies, so we can start to understand what makes your business tick, what makes your business stand out, and the desired direction you’d like to go in.

Once we’ve collated enough information on your business, we’ll define your current target audience, position, goals, existing content and content gaps, marketing technology stack to support sales and marketing, any identified barriers, and how your competitors compare. This enables us to present the ideal future state.

We’ll do this via client discovery interviews with you and your key internal stakeholders, including your customers.

We typically cover the following:

– Business performance review
– Branding, tone of voice and messaging review
– Direct and channel sales process
– Solution and product analysis
– Content analysis
– Customer insights
– Buyer profile, personas and journey analysis
– Target market and industry trends
– Competitive analysis
– Existing marketing and sales output and resources
– Existing customer experience and advocacy



After fully understanding the environment your strategy will be building on, we’ll present our recommendations for the future and how to build foundations for growth. In other words, if we were you, this is what we would do.

We’ll define budgets, audiences and segments, messaging and persona profiles, campaign strategies, as well as refine goals and establish milestones, so we’re all on the same page. This helps with gaining internal buy-in and alignment around marketing goals, budget, performance metrics, and approach.

We typically discuss:

– GTM approach
– Brand and messaging strategy
– Content strategy
– Sales enablement and alignment with marketing
– Sales and marketing training
– Customer experience
– Leads and customer acquisition
– Digital engagement
– KPIs, measurement and reporting

We then setup:

– Marketing KPI scorecard
– Monthly gameplans for the first quarter
– Build client projects and campaigns in Teamwork Projects
– Set up campaign tracking

We’ll then provide you with a scope of work detailing the actions necessary to implement the recommended plans and achieve agreed goals.



The doing after the thinking and planning. We’ll start to implement agreed action plans and continually test and revise. Radial Path is made up of a mixture of internal resources and a network of trusted creative partners, meaning our resources stay flexible to take advantage of real-time marketing opportunities as we work and analyse performance.

We work in quarterly cycles, with monthly action plans and constant campaign analysis, so we always have a handle on how outputs are impacting performance and your bottom line.

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