Radial Path uses a Point Value Pricing model to ensure we always deliver client services based on output and value rather than billable hours and fluffy objectives. With points, our clients have the flexibility to ramp support and change tactics as required. They always receive the full value of what they’ve paid for, and never pay for our inefficiencies.

We offer a selection of packages to suit all business shapes and sizes, but can customise based on requirements and goals. Book a free consultation with a member of the team to discuss your needs.

Start up


22 points/mo



38 points/mo



61 points/mo



100 points/mo

Strategy & Performance
Monthly GamePlans + KPI Scorecards -
Quarterly Review Meeting -
Weekly Activity + KPI Reports - -
Weekly Review Sessions - -
Monthly Google Analytics Report - -
Weekly Google Analytics Report - - -
Google Analytics Dashboard Setup - - -
6 Month Review and Strategy Workshop - - -
Client Calls and Emails
Monthly Account Dashboard
Project Management
Online Client Projects Area
Referral Bonus Points 3 Points 5 Points 8 Points 13 Points
Renewal Bonus Points 3 Points 5 Points 8 Points 13 Points
Add-On Bonus Points
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All Packages Include

Unlimited Client and Project Management

Calls, meetings and quick chats are all included in our packages. There’s no meter running. Points pricing sets us free from counting minutes and billable-hours, so we can focus on doing more for our clients and delivering outstanding results.

Monthly GamePlans and KPI Scorecards

Basic, Pro and Enterprise packages receive monthly campaign scorecards and GamePlans. Scorecards are KPI dashboards with key metrics related to your campaigns. GamePlans detail monthly action plans for campaigns and projects.

Transparent Services

Each client has access to an Online Client Projects Area in our project management tool of choice, Teamwork Projects. This means you’ll always have a view on all tasks, notes, milestones, and information for your projects. This is maintained in real-time, so you’ll always have the most up to date view.

Bonus Points

Points make it super easy for us to show our appreciation to our loyal clients. Clients can earn renewal, referral and add-on bonus points. Only available to retainer clients.

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