Points Pricing

Points pricing allows us to deliver client services based on output and value rather than billable hours and fluffy objectives.

Every aspect of work we do is assigned a points value and allocated to each project within a campaign. Points systems are an incredibly agile way of working within retainers and more suited to modern marketing approaches.

As consumers demand more and business moves quicker than ever before, a points system enables us to build an appropriate retainer plan each quarter, responding to what happens as we learn, rather than blindly following a 12 month plan that – with the best intentions – may need adjusting along the way.

Using points is also a lot more efficient. Regardless of the time we invest in completing each piece of work, the points remain the same, ensuring you never pay for our inefficiencies and get the full value of your investment.

During our initial exploration with your company, we will propose a level of retainer programme required, including the associated monthly points, specifically in response to your:

Goals and timelines
Resources and capacity
Level of web, marketing and sales activity
Level of content output required
Requirement for ongoing workshops and training

Once we’ve agreed a level of retainer, we can complete the design of your inbound marketing programme, with our GROWTH STACK Process. This will help us to develop a more detailed strategy and tighten up on the services that should be included in your retainer as we plan for the first quarter.

Point allocations are defined at the start of every quarter, based on an agreed-upon scope. Points can also be reallocated or increased each month as needed to capitalise on new opportunities and change pace or tactics to improve performance. Typically, performance driven changes are made every quarter to allow for activities to show results.

By working in cycles, we offer more efficient and accurate forecasting and planning. And by creating a ninety-day sprint with monthly review, we allow time for work to show results, keep on track for agreed goals and strategy, and enhance longer-term success.


  • Do my points expire?

    • No, the points you buy from us will never expire. If you have any remaining points at the end of each month, we'll roll these forward and reallocate to new projects.
  • Is the price per point always the same?

    • Yes. Our pricing per point remains the same no matter how many points you buy. We see this as the fairest way to price and provide services to our clients, regardless of their size and budget.
  • How do you allocate points to tasks?

    • Points are based on a combination of the number of hours it takes to complete agreed outputs and tasks and the value that each output provides. If you'd like to see the full points value sheet, which lists all types of strategy, content, design, technical and other outputs, please contact us to request the most up to date booklet.
  • How do I know how many points to sign up for?

    • We provide a number of tiered packages to offer a variety of starting points for different requirements and budgets. However, we would advise discussing the size of your requirements, desired goals, timelines and existing resources with our team, so we can assess and recommend the most suitable package for your needs.
  • What happens if I need more points just for one or two months?

    • If you find you need a few extra points in any given month, then we'll simply add the extra points to your invoice without the need to upgrade to the next tier.

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