3 Top LinkedIn Tips You Haven't Thought Of

LinkedIn plays a central role in building momentum around your brand and making sure your company is top-of-mind when prospects are ready to convert, making the platform crucial in any modern marketing strategy.

But much of a company's success on LinkedIn can be traced to the success of its employees. Driving traffic to your personal page, where you demonstrate thought leadership and share helpful and engaging content will build brand awareness and a positive reputation through association.

Optimizing your profile to encourage conversion is essential, but there are some extra little tricks that will get you on your way to becoming an influencer in your industry, advised by LinkedIn themselves.

LinkedIn is essential in building a B2B marketing strategy and establishing yourself as thought leader

1. Create a custom URL for your LinkedIn profile

A custom URL sets you apart on the platform and makes it easier to share your profile with others.

Often thought of as ‘technical’, URLs play an important role in establishing your personal brand as you can make it relevant and memorable, reinforcing your and your niche.

Changes to your URL should be in line with your wider SEO strategy: use keywords! They shouldn’t be too dissimilar to your company’s as your target audience is the same. Make the new URL consistent, clear, and straight forward.

Go to profile > Edit public profile & URL > On the left-hand side, Edit URL

Make sure that your LinkedIn URL is in line with your SEO strategy

2. Customize your account and manage invitations

You already know that you can play around with settings. You can customize your contact details, control your notifications and change email preferences. But you can also adjust who can send you connection requests.

If you’re trying to establish yourself as an influencer, as an extension of your brand, expect an influx of connections requests. Accepting everyone who sends a request will clutter your feed with potentially irrelevant content and news that don’t add value to you.

Instead, restrict who you connect with - which you can do in your settings - to people you actually know and trust. Adjust your preferences so that would-be connections must know your email address to send you a request.

In the top right corner, Setting & Privacy > Top left corner, Communications > Preferences > Here, adjust your invitation preferences

Save LinkedIn connections for people who add value to you

3. Change ‘Connect’ to ‘Follow’

Restricting invitations feels a little counter-intuitive when you’re trying to reach a large audience. That’s why changing your connect button to follow instead is so essential.

What’s the difference? Being connected to a person also means you’re able to see their activity, as well as the other way around, and send each other messages.

Whereas followers are more of a one-sided affair. They can see your posts and articles without being connected, but you can’t see their posts.

It also psychological - when you see someone has ‘follow’ instead of ‘connect’, don’t you automatically assume, and feel like they are important?

Top right corner, Setting & Privacy > Second top tab, Privacy > Blocking and hiding > Make follow primary action

How can you check your follower count? Go to your dashboard on your profile page > Post views > See your number of followers on the left-hand side.

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