AfricaCom 2018: What Did We Think?

Radial Path Senior Account Manager Dominika was carried through AfricaCom by the collective buzzing energy of the industry.


“It was crazy. Everyone was so busy; walking from meeting to meeting but having meetings in the middle of those meetings because someone would grab them in the corridor,” she said.

AfricaCom 2018 took place in Cape Town from November 13-15 and brought together everyone from big and small companies alike, all who are interested in the African telecoms market and it's future.

Whether your interest lies in 5G, data centres, or investment in the telecoms industry at large, the event brought together industry leaders and fresh, forward-thinking minds to explore the expansion of the various African markets.

The presence of large IXs and tech companies at the conference indicated Africa is going to play an important part in the future, a thought that techies Dominika spoke with agreed with.

“Africa is developing really quickly. Businesses in South Africa, and a growing number ofAfrican countries, can now keep their internet traffic local, whereas up until very recently, London was the centre of the internet for almost all African markets. Fetching the content off the continent made the internet really expensive, but as Africa sees more investment, and markets deregulate, things will boom - and rapidly,” Dominika said.

“There are good things happening in South Africa, but things are also shaking in East andWest Africa. Everyone is trying to find a way to connect and build in Nigeria, Ghana, andKenya. The now proven positive outcome of well-placed investments, predominantly inSouth Africa, is the reason we’re noticing increased investment in so many markets in Africa.”

More and more smaller companies are also exhibiting at the event now, which Dominika said is great because it means they’re seeing growth due to the market conditions, unlike in previous years.

“Companies feel like AfricaCom is something worth doing. This was a highlight for me because it means we’re all working together for a better African Internet.”

We’re excited to see how things develop and do it all next year! Did you attend the conference? Let us know what you thought. If you didn’t get a chance, BizCommunity has some great coverage. Before you go though, scroll down to see some highlights:

'Constant innovation name of the game at Facebook' fascinating talk by Andrew Baskett right now #ZAPF3

— ZA Peering Forum (@zapeeringforum) November 15, 2018

METISS...did you know session #ZAPF3 3000km of interesting facts

— ZA Peering Forum (@zapeeringforum) November 15, 2018

We are wrapping up #AfricaCom with great success. Thank you to everyone who visited and tuned in #YahsatatAfricaCom

— YahClick (@yahclickservice) November 16, 2018

A superb Final Day of #AfricaCom in #CapeTown: #CableFree team enjoyed discussing #Wireless projects with partners throughout the region. #Private #LTE #Networks with seamless mobility; #Unlicensed #LTE in 5GHz, #IOT, #Microwave, #MMW, #Radio, #FSO & More. Thanks to all who came!

— CableFree Wireless (@cablefreeltd) November 15, 2018

Great talk from the CEO of #Loon, discussing their ‘internet balloons’ in Kenya. #smartcountries #AfricaCom #DisruptiveTechnology

— iD&D (@DigDevCo) November 14, 2018

Thoroughly enjoyed Andrew Baskett's @facebook talk and Mark Tinka's (@SEACOM) RPKI conversation at #ZAPF3 today!

— Radial Path (@RadialPath) November 15, 2018

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