Come and meet Radial Path at Euro-IX!

And we’re off again! Radial Path’s founder and CEO, Ruth Plater, is heading over to Toulouse, France, to attend Euro-IX.

The European Internet Exchange Association, established in 2001, is an annual conference designed to nurture, strengthen and improve the Internet Exchange Point (IXP) community.

Acting as a hub for sharing resources, networking, developing common procedures and coordinate technical standards, Euro-IX is often restricted to those in the industry, so as a marketing agency we were thrilled to be invited.

Ruth will be presenting on Monday during the Commercial Session 1, where she will cover how Inbound Marketing is a new way of thinking that will achieve engaged, happy members and promoters of Internet Exchange Points (IXPs).

As tech and telecommunication specialists, one of our hardest challenges is overcoming the existing reputation of marketing. We get it, you hate it. But hate is a strong word and we know that Ruth’s presence at Euro-IX will be the first step in highlighting other ways to market, rather than just press releases and trade shows (though, of course, they still have their place).

For marketers and IXPs, things aren’t so different. Markets are constantly evolving, expectations are high and the landscape has never been more complex. Ruth hopes to learn more about the dos and don’ts of marketing to C-levels, business development execs, and network engineers in the space.

“I’m really looking forward to attending Euro-IX because it’s a pretty exclusive event that non-IXP executives aren’t invited to - so it’s a real privilege. Internet Exchanges, the big ones right down to small ones who have just started, all attend. This puts us in a very advantageous position to develop insights into the current state of play in IXP marketing.” said Ruth Plater, Radial Path Founder, and CEO.

“Even though it is a European event, Exchanges from around the world will be there. It’ll be great to meet with them and understand how they’re preparing for changes in the industry, their growth plans, and how they are future proofing for disruption.”

And for IXP marketers, who do have the chance to come along, Ruth will be supporting Megan Atkins, LINX, and Ester Paal, NIX.CZ, facilitating a kick off lunch and workshop to introduce a series of IX-related marketing workshop events.

This will be an introductory session to identify opportunities and threats in this space, while outlining what people want to get out of the workshops.

Want to make sure you catch Ruth for a chat? Book a slot! See you there. 👋

PS. Why not grab one of our t-shirts while you're there?

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