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International Telecoms Week (ITW) is the annual meeting for the global wholesale telecoms industry.

Our CEO and founder, Ruth Plater, will be attending with Dom Samborska, senior inbound marketing coordinator, on June 23 to 26.

Around 6,939 delegates from 2,081 companies and more than 135 countries meet and network at the conference each year, and we’re glad Radial Path is part of that statistic.

Previously based in Chicago, ITW has moved to Atlanta this year. We’re excited to explore the new venue and meet lots of new faces, as well as catch up with familiar ones.

ITW will be held in Atlanta this year

Here’s what Ruth and Dom had to say about ITW:

What are you most looking forward to?

Ruth: “I'm keen to see how telecoms companies are working toward digitally transforming their business models and commercial departments - this feels to be picking up speed across the industry now as companies have been executing their plans to evolve over the last few years.”

Dom: “I’m most looking forward to meeting with our industry friends and experts, plus learning about the new trends and changes in the space. I’m particularly looking forward to the equality and women in telco discussion as more and more women are entering the telecommunications industry and it is interesting to observe the impact of that.

Why is ITW such an important industry event?

Ruth: “For us, all the C-Level, marketing and sales leads attend ITW from all the major companies in the industry that we work with and cater to. It's a really intense event where we can meet hundreds of high-profile people densely packed into meetings across 3-4 days. For this reason, it's a key event in our calendar.”

Dom: “People attend ITW from all over the world. All the important companies are there, big and small alike. This makes it a great opportunity to network and learn.”

What broad trends do you see in telecoms and marketing in the next 12 months?

Ruth: “More and more companies will be upping their game when it comes to narrowly targeted, more personalized prospecting and how to effectively do that in a digital context, combined with ramping their inbound and content marketing efforts to support their prospecting efforts.”

“This is very important because only a handful of companies in the space have embraced inbound marketing properly over the last 5-10 years, and really looked at how they can leverage marketing automation and new tech in their targeting and prospecting efforts.”

Dom: “We’re going through the fourth industrial revolution. It’s exciting to observe how everything is changing around digital transformation. We are observing more and more AI and IoT innovations like autonomous vehicles and smart cities, which has a massive impact on all parts of life. It forces continuous innovation and exploration in every industry. Although security and manufacturing, for example, are more obviously affected, it has shaken things up in marketing, making it more personalized, intelligent and less disruptive."

Will you be at ITW too? Book your slot to say hello.

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