How To Craft The Best Email Marketing Content For Maximum Engagement

After covering the importance of email marketing in 2018, we want to give everyone involved in the email marketing process a few tips on exactly how to create great email content that will get your audience clicking.

Ok, so email marketing can be a very tricky task to approach with tedious amounts of KPIs to track and optimize for. It's costly, you need to think about segmentation, time of day, design, CTA placement, sacrificing of goats etc. We do this because we know it's worthwhile in the B2B tech & telco industry with 86% of professionals preferring to use email when communicating for their business purposes and CTRs being 47% higher for B2B email campaigns than B2C campaigns.

Let's put the stats and other issues to one side and focus on content. How can you craft an email that's actually going to make that person, scrolling through their inbox, click through and engage with your brand.

Make sure that those subject lines are clickable

So, we know that 35% of email recipients open email based on the subject line alone, and emails that include the first name of their recipient in their subject line have a higher clickthrough rate than those that don't. This means that is really is essential to make sure you use the the right tactics to at least make sure the email is opened. The best subject lines are the ones that explain the value of opening the email, and just like your content, solves the readers' problem.  

Keep in mind some of these game-changing tips:

  • Always think of your audience and your goals
  • Use keywords and phrases
  • Keep it short and sweet
  • Use groups and segments
  • Convey a sense of urgency
  • Offer value
  • Engage with questions

A/B testing

The best thing about email marketing is the fact that you can test out your subject lines with small sections of your subscribers and personas before you throw it out to your whole database. It will help you work out what works best. You can change things like having completely different topics in the subject line if you were trying to find out which content resonates with your subscribers, or even offering different promotional offers / content in the subject line.


Design your strategy and setup a proper schedule

The first thing you always need to ask yourself is 'what am I trying to achieve with this email?' This is often something that is forgotten in multiple areas of marketing. Every input should have a desired output or outcome. Otherwise, it's a waste of time. You should think about a newsletter in order to keep subscribers engaged with your new quality content and offers. This helps to improve brand recall and will make sure that that they think of you when coming to make their next purchase.

When designing your newsletter, there are a lot of things to think about. Be decisive on your format and stick with it, keep it focused and make sure to add in generous amounts of your brand's personality. Not only does your brand need to tell a story, but so does your newsletter. Check our some top tips for designing your newsletter.  


Make content that focuses solely on your customer or potential lead

Your email content should be focused on your customers and their problems rather than just your business. That means you need to give them valuable information rather than selling. In order to do this, you identify their pain points and then provide them with valuable information that helps them solve their problems.  

Targeting Customers Problems

If your customer’s problem is that he/she needs to learn more and wants to appear more knowledgeable in his/her industry, you could create a newsletter with value-adding content, including how-to articles, industry news and best-practice tips.

Answer the ‘Why Should I Care’ Question

If the nature of your email means that you have to sell, you will still need to focus on your customer first – this means addressing their needs and communicating your value proposition immediately. It’s important to answer the ‘why should I care?’ question from the outset.


Now ideally, you and your team has already been using these techniques to write compelling email content, but the chances are you haven't been. Go and put these practices into play and let us know things go!

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