LinkedIn Roadmap: Employee Advocacy Is Your Biggest Tool

Although your LinkedIn company page is acts as a central point for building a community around your brand, there has been a clear shift in focus to employee advocacy.

Your employees, who are undoubtedly your greatest assets and should be your greatest advocates, must take a significant role in your B2B marketing strategy going forward.

Why employees are the key to your success

As a business, you’re already using social media. After all, close to half the world’s population (3.03 billion people) are on some form of it. And while 98% of employees use at least one social media site for personal use, 50% are already posting about their company.

According to LinkedIn, your employees on the platform have 10 times the connections as your company page has followers. This means that content shared by them will receive double the engagement than when it’s shared by your company. One study even found that messages shared by employees went 561% further than the same message shared on a brand-owned channel.

After all, people want to interact with other people. Your employees are trusted by their connections, meaning they'll get greater engagement when they do push things out. This is echoed in social media’s algorithm too, which favors people over companies.

So it makes sense to leverage existing networks and encourage employees to share company posts, or create content in line with your product offering or service.

By doing this, they become a public face for your brand and create a personal brand for themselves. This in itself is good for you as they will then be seen as industry experts and thought leaders - a reputation that will only benefit your company. In fact, EveryoneSocial found that employees who participate in a social employee advocacy program organically grow their social networks by 10%+ per year.

Leverage your employees' LinkedIn network to build momentum for your brand

How LinkedIn supports employee advocacy

LinkedIn has recognized the importance of employees in its latest update and product roadmap. It does this in two ways: Content insight and additional Elevate features.

Elevate and sponsored content integration, available now, allows you to pull sponsored content from campaign manager and into employees’ Elevate feeds. Resharing your ads with employees will amplify your paid marketing messages, your campaign and content, reaching far and wide.

Employee advocacy is the inter-business equivalent to influencer marketing. Naturally, content landing in fresh communities will encourage engagement, traffic to your website and high quality leads.

Marketing Advisory Network found leads developed through employee social marketing convert 7x more frequently than other leads. When a lead is generated through social selling or employee advocacy, they are seven times more likely to close compared to other lead generation tactics.

But it is not only an effective lead generation and brand awareness strategy, but it also improves ROI as cost-per-lead is significantly lower. According to EveryoneSocial, an employee advocacy program costs one tenth of paid advertising.

Implement an employee advocacy strategy to see better results from social media strategies

See and share what your employees interact with

This can work the other way around too. Content insights let you figure out what kind of posts your employees are sharing, the topics they care about and the ideas they are talking about. As an employer, you’re now able to share them on your Company Page too.

Doing this lets you showcase your employees perspective. Making their voices a part of the brand will make you appear more personable and relatable, two things that are more important than ever, and will ultimately allow you to build a stronger reputation for your business.

The fact you’re sharing and supporting your employees' ideas then reinforces them as thought leaders and is likely to improve job satisfaction.

Prophet found that employees at companies who are socially engaged are more likely to stay in their ecosystem, feel optimistic about their company’s future and believe their company is more competitive.

Insights gathered through LinkedIn can also be acted upon offline too. Having a greater depth of knowledge about what your employees care about means you can better adjust workplace culture.

And the whole thing comes full circle. If you act positively upon new insights into employees' lives, your employees will continue to shout about your brand.

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