LinkedIn Roadmap: Live Video and Stories Are Coming

LinkedIn’s Product Roadmap has something for every sales and marketing professional looking to create more engaging experiences to generate leads. Chatbot style InMail and events are both coming to LinkedIn, along side improved audience and content insights, B2B reviews, and mobile-friendly company pages.

Andrew Kaplan, Group Manager of Product Marketing at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, delved into the B2B platform’s vision for the next year.

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Companies: LinkedIn Live, eventually!

LinkedIn has announced LinkedIn Live, which finally brings live streaming to professionals.

Companies will soon be able to go live on their pages, with sponsored live videos to follow. Similarly to Facebook Live, LinkedIn Live will let your audiences respond and post comments in real-time as you stream. Plus, you can delegate moderation to others so that comments don't go off-track.

This is a massive leap from video ads that currently must be uploaded and sponsored, and presents great opportunities for off-the-cuff interviews with C-levels and thought leaders at events, as well as using live streaming within your own company as a marketing tool.

Due to expected uses at conferences, trade shows and product announcements, live videos can be streamed to the general public, or a select group of people.

This means that you’ll be able to host company-specific or private events on the platform without revealing sensitive information to the rest the world. This is just one way in which LinkedIn is setting its live offering apart from other networks.

Taking inspiration from customer-focused platforms, which have had live streaming for years, the B2B sphere is likely to respond well to the much anticipated lie video. After all, video in general is one of the fastest growing ad platforms LinkedIn has created.

HubSpot found that LinkedIn is 277% more effective in generating leads than Facebook, while 73% of B2B marketers say that video positively impacts marketing ROI. Combined, live video cracks open possibilities for smaller companies who wouldn’t otherwise have resources to invest in more immersive content.

LinkedIn expects companies to share videos from conferences and trade shows

Profiles: Stories will be added

Another one inspired by consumer platforms is the introduction of stories. The 'immersive experience' expected from this addition introduces an entirely new way for you to get to know your target audience.

This feature, however, seems to be restricted to member profiles. This isn’t really a huge problem though as your employees should be your biggest advocates, meaning you'll indirectly benefit from this feature anyway.

According to LinkedIn, employees have an average of ten times the connections as your company page has followers. So start utilizing these channels too, as well as people-focused features.

For those of you who have been taking note the last six months, the announcement isn't a huge shock either. The platform launched its student voices feature back in autumn 'in an attempt to appeal to younger audiences', which allowed students across America post short videos of themselves.

We don't know much about stories at this point, but I'm sure that LinkedIn is pursuing the feature in line with its professional ethos. After all, despite its similarity to Snapchat and Instagram stories, Student Voices was created with internship experiences and impressive class projects in mind - the kind of content that soon-to-be-grads want to share with potential employers.

Today you can create a video advert by uploading a video, sharing and sponsoring it but the next evolution is in stories, not just in the newsfeed. Both stories and live offers more space for ads, be it directly or otherwise.

Source: TechCrunch
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