LinkedIn’s New Features Are Gold For Marketers

There were 3.3 billion people employed globally in 2018. According to LinkedIn, around 610 million of those are professionals on the platform, and 40 million of those are people who drive decisions within their organizations. This makes LinkedIn the largest professional community on Earth.

Unlike the modern community, LinkedIn users are also getting to know their neighbors, with member engagement increasing 30% year on year.

That means that there are more people sharing content and engaging on the platform than ever before. In fact, LinkedIn is the number 1 channel for B2B content marketers, with 94% using it to distribute content.

People are coming to the network with a sense of purpose: they’re looking for a job, looking to get better at the job they already have, or they’re looking to help others do that.

Which makes LinkedIn essential in any B2B marketing strategy.

In a webinar outlining LinkedIn’s roadmap for the next year, Andrew Kaplan, Group Manager of Product Marketing at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, said the companies goal is to help businesses grow to ‘create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce’.

Pretty bold statement, huh?

LinkedIn is undoubtedly the best network for B2B marketers.

According to Andrew, 71% of people who use LinkedIn do it to inform business decisions or choices they make in their job. As a person responsible for marketing, you should be prepared to take full advantage of this.

From setting up your company page to optimizing your own profile for conversion (you’re a brand ambassador, after all), there’s no time to waste in utilizing LinkedIn’s B2B marketing and advertising toolkit.

We’ve long thought that LinkedIn is the perfect place for lead generation, but this highlights its importance within any marketing plan even further.

Whether it’s building and budgeting for campaigns, measuring and reporting on ads, or simply nailing down your video marketing strategy, LinkedIn has a lot of new features to look forward to.

With large major audience groups and more options for finer, granular profiling, B2B lead generation on LinkedIn is particularly effective because its hyper-targeted advertising and marketing capabilities mean you can reach the right audience in the right context. New targeting features and templates make your strategy even easier to implement, scale, and report on.

The network is a place where people trust the information they are seeing, a place where they feel safe and comfortable to engage with audiences in thoughtful conversations, which also makes it the perfect place for your brand to communicate and build meaningful relationships. This appeal of authenticity will only increase with the addition of B2B reviews on company pages too.

So what does LinkedIn have in store for you?

  • Finally, live videos and stories are coming! Which means more ad space
  • Your employees are your biggest asset with LinkedIn’s new features, allowing you to share their posts and vice versa
  • New features for Companies on LinkedIn, including chatbot-y InMail and B2B reviews
  • Better audience targeting and the introduction of templates
  • More tools for accurately measuring ROI

Stats in this article are quoted from a closed webinar about LinkedIn’s roadmap for the next 12 months, which was hosted by Andrew Kaplan, Group Manager of Product Marketing at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions.

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