LinkedIn Roadmap: Automated InMail And More Insights For Companies

LinkedIn has just announced a whole host of new tools and features to help companies maximize results of marketing efforts on the platform. We’re really excited about live video and stories, and because we’ve always believed that employees are a company’s greatest assets, we’re glad to see a focus on employee advocacy.

But what about those core B2B lead generation features?

InMail gets an automation boost

The thing that you should be most excited about is the new InMail feature which brings chatbot-esque conversations to your campaigns. With Conversation Ads, you can now send an InMail including multiple CTAs and create automated responses tailored to each potential route.

This has great potential for granular segmentation and a greater depth of knowledge of your targets’ preferences.

You’ll also be less likely to miss a lead or let them go cold as multiple offers instinctively cater to more people, and automation decreases the likelihood of prospects getting lost in the funnel.

For example, if you send a target an InMail with links to three webinars, as the member clicks on the one they want, you can automatically send them more information on how to sign up, how to learn more and continue to have that back and forth exchange like a genuine conversation.

Chatbots have long been deemed the holy grail of customer experience. They’re particularly helpful for freeing up time for busy departments as prospects can get relevant and personalized content without marketing or sales teams having to do the heavy lifting. Although Conversation Ads aren’t actually chatbots, they'll likely have similar benefits.

If you’re trying to enter markets elsewhere in the world, automated InMail will help you appear 24-hour - and help you avoid problems stemming from time differences.

This use of automation is not new, with most businesses turning to technology to aid digital transformation goals, but its context within LinkedIn is sure to be hugely beneficial to B2B marketers.

Previously, InMail campaigns restricted you to just one automated mail. You then had to follow up manually when a target responded. Conversation Ads let you pre-programme interactions so they lead your target through to conversion, meaning you can finally do InMail campaigns at scale.

More insights for company pages

Company pages, relaunched just a few months ago, are now armed with new functionalities that let you build bigger and better brands and campaigns, with more ease than ever before.

New insights show you the kind of content that your audience is engaging with, sharing and clicking on - metrics which your company can constantly leverage to better inform campaigns. You should use this to tailor your content and product offerings to what you know your targets are interested in, rather than what you think they are interested in.

With more data comes newly designed analytics. You can now put CTAs on your company page to drive traffic to your site, which can also be used for extra things that build your community on LinkedIn. For example, groups that you run or... events(!).

Another big change you’ll be thankful for (because let’s face it, why is this only just being introduced) is that you can now manage your company page through your phone. About time, eh? Though current functionality is limited to uploading posts, more will be added in the future. Don’t make a typo because you can’t edit just yet.

Events are coming to LinkedIn

You may have seen this already as it’s currently being tested with just few hundred users, but your company will soon be able to host events.

Although likely to stay as a small pilot until late 2019, events give you the power to organize and meet with other professionals in person. The feature is hugely successful on Facebook so this isn’t too much of a surprise - it’s all about moving the online world offline and establishing truly valuable business connections in person.

After all, we live in an increasingly digital world but people still crave human interaction. That’s why events are a great opportunity for representatives of companies to build brand awareness, demonstrate knowledge and generate leads. Every market is hyper-competitive, so having an on-the-ground presence is sure to help keep your brand top-of-mind.

In fact, Bizzabo found 80% of marketers believe live events are critical to their company’s success, so this new feature is definitely one to take advantage of.

Although there is no set date for events yet, I’d say use this time to nail down the perfect strategy for when the feature does hit.

And there’s always more to look forward to. Eventually, you’ll be able to integrate this with campaigns and use tools to build momentum for sign-ups, and separately, companies will be able to sponsor events.

B2B reviews are coming to LinkedIn, and you can turn them into a paid campaign

Turn genuine reviews into a campaign

Showcasing products on your LinkedIn page is a great way to build awareness and drive traffic to your website, but one of the most effective ways to gain traction is through peer recommendations.

Reviews are a really effective way of word of mouth marketing, especially if you’re providing an enterprise tech solution, so be excited that B2B reviews will be added to your company page.

In fact, reviews are essential in any modern marketing strategy. Bright Local found that 84% of people trust reviews they read online as much as personal recommendations.

And if you’re worried, don’t be. Even bad reviews aren’t all bad news. G2 Crowd and Heinz Marketing research found 72% of B2B buyers say negative reviews give depth and insight into a product.

What’s more, reviews won’t just sit on your page. You can invite customers to review a product if they’ve used it and build a campaign around those you want to highlight. Your best reviews then become an advert which you can promote around the platform, amplifying your best customer experiences and building awareness with trusted content.

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