Not Using Video Marketing? Big Mistake.

The world of marketing is changing and constantly evolving. It is a never-ending learning curve, and there are exciting times ahead of us. One area of marketing which has shown rapid growth in recent years is video, so get on board.

According to Cisco by the year 2020, online videos will take over 80% of internet traffic and 85% of the US market. There is no time to waste! If you and your team haven’t started looking at video already, or if you’re not sure how to develop your company’s video portfolio, take a look at our guide and get ready for the new era of marketing.

A minute of video is worth 1.8 Million words

We live in a time where people have access to an unlimited amount of data and information. While this influx has allowed marketing efforts to become more precise and personalized, sheer amounts of information can be overwhelming for end-users. Video allows this hyper-targeted marketing to be more accessible and interesting to prospects who might otherwise be less engaged.

Who has honestly read the full manual on how to build a shelf, when you can watch a video tutorial instead? The same applies to watching a band’s promotional video, instead of reading lengthy product descriptions and it helps connecting to your audience on an emotional, personal and human level.


People prefer video

A 2017 Hubspot report showed that 54% of people prefer to engage with their favourite brands by watching video content. While 46% say it is more interesting than more traditional marketing techniques, like newsletters, 41% find them more interesting than social images, and 34% prefer promotional videos to native social videos.

It’s clear by these statistics that it’s not just video that’s the seller; but video in the right way, on the right platform. Educational and entertaining videos are well received, as well as those raising awareness. But ultimately, your video marketing efforts should center around content that asserts your expertise and thought leadership while encouraging people to want to engage with you.


Easy way to speak to your audience in every stage of their Buyer’s Journey

Video marketing can help you engage with your visitors, leads and customers on every stage of their Buyer’s Journey:

Awareness - As with written content; use video to educate your audience about the problem they are experiencing. You don’t want to sell here, you want to inform and help with an issue or opportunity. Conveying an issue through video will make it even easier for people to understand and engage with.

Consideration - How-to or demo videos are best practice in this stage. Show your audience about how your product works and highlight what a perfect solution it is to their problem.

Decision - This is the stage where you can offer a product. According to Forbes, 90% of customers say video helps them make buying decisions and 64% of customers say that seeing a video makes them more likely to buy a product.

Of course, you’d like marketing qualified leads to transition to sales qualified, so now is the time to introduce gated or half gated content offers. People who are highly interested are willing to exchange their personal data to access your video content in return. This is a great opportunity for a podcast or webinar.


Improves your SEO, visitors to your website and captures leads

There are many different ways to distribute your videos like using YouTube. YouTube is the second most trafficked site after Google (Alexa). However, as we always say at Radial Path, before considering your video marketing strategy, you first must establish a primary goal.

YouTube is an external host who wants to keep visitors on their site and keep their engagement, no matter who the content belongs to. So, if your goal is to send traffic to your own website, which it should be as it increases your SEO and may potentially capture leads, you need to host videos directly on your website.

But just hosting videos natively on your site might not do the job completely. Ideally, video content needs to have call to actions, references to other content that you have produced and engagement measuring tools. Keywords are also important as they will increase the search engine’s ability to ‘know’ what your video is about. These technical factors can be done with ease using platforms like Wistia.

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