Radial Path Partners With African Charity Supporting Young People

Radial Path today announces a partnership with Afrika Tikkun, a South African NGO working to reduce poverty in South African townships.

Radial Path, which otherwise specialises in tech and telecommunications, is donating time and resources to the charity, helping its marketing department drive campaigns, spread awareness, and increase donations to invest in South Africa’s next generation.

Afrika Tikkun works to empower young adults, particularly those in underprivileged communities, and encourage economic development.

Dominika Samborska and Onyi Nwaneri, Radial Path and Afrika Tikkun
Dominika Samborska (left) is a senior inbound marketing coordinator at Radial Path and Afrika Tikkun’s account manager. Pictured with Onyi Nwaneri, Afrika Tikkun’s Group Executive: Strategy, Partnerships and Communications.

CEO and Founder of Radial Path, Ruth Plater, said: "The work that Afrika Tikkun does with young people and disadvantaged communities in Africa is incredible. I'm really excited that Radial Path gets to play a part in supporting the work they do in developing the health and education of young people in Africa.

“We work in the region [Africa] with digital infrastructure businesses who are typically looking to advance regional development through technology, but this is an excellent opportunity for us to support the region from another angle–through working with charities such as Afrika Tikkun."

The Radial Path team
The Radial Path Team

Afrika Tikkun Strategy, Partnerships and Communications Group Executive, Onyi Nwaneri, said: “We are thrilled to be working with Radial Path and are already benefiting from their experience and expertise in marketing, as well as with new technologies.

“Radial Path has brought new ideas and a fresh perspective to our work. Our small marketing team is really appreciating the additional hands to help, and our processes are already more efficient. With Radial Path’s help, we’ve already begun refining, changing, and optimising some of our internal operations.

“When less time and resources are spent on internal operations, we can allocate more helping young people. I hope that Afrika Tikkun and Radial Path continue working together on many exciting projects in the future.”

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