This Week In Tech And Telco: Pablo Escobar’s Brother Competes With Samsung

Welcome back to your weekly dose of tech and telco. Before we get started, have you read our latest blog about internet safeguarding charity The Breck Foundation? We also spoke to the charity’s Finance Director for The PathCast.

Breck Bednar, who the charity is named after, lost his life after being groomed online when playing video games. It’s a really important cause that we’re urging everyone in the telecoms or internet space to get behind and help spread the word.

CenturyLink links to Europe

CenturyLink is expanding across Europe, including in Marseille, one of Europe's largest digital gateways,

It is connecting 90 additional data centers to its network within the UK and Ireland, Benelux, DACH, Nordics, Southern Europe, and Eastern Europe, to which 50 will be connected this year with the remaining 40 by mid-2020.

In Madrid, Spain, CenturyLink has built a metro network footprint of 40 route miles with access to key enterprise buildings and an initial five data centers.

While in Marseille, France, it has built out a dense metro fiber footprint with the same access but an initial three data centers, and key cable landing stations.

Pablo Escobar’s brother dabbles in tech

Roberto Escobar, brother to the infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar, is certainly the most interesting person taking on Samsung right now, with his own foldable phone.

Escobar’s rival to the Galaxy Fold is called the “Escobar Fold 1.” Features are similar, with a flexible screen that allows users to fold it into a tablet.

While it may seem that Escobar has Samsung in its crosshairs, Escobar tells DigitalTrends that it’s Apple he’s actually after, in a mission to give “illegal profit back to the people” who have been “cheated” and “scammed” by the tech giant. Ooookaayyy.

WeWork rival shuts down UK office

RocketSpace, a WeWork rival that homed Uber and Spotify, is shutting down its UK office in a blow to London's coworking scene.

The San Francisco company’s chief executive Duncan Logan once said that the London office was "critical" to RocketSpace's expansion strategy.

RocketSpace plans to close RocketSpace U.K. Ltd. and RocketSpace Angel Ltd. by April.

The move comes after WeWork’s review of its expansion plans for London following its bailout by SoftBank Group Corp.

WeWork, home to many tech companies, is losing a rival in the UK today
Photographer: Eloise Ambursley | Source: Unsplash

Amazon is now offering quantum computing as a service

Amazon has announced Amazon Braket, “a fully managed service that allows scientists, researchers, and developers to begin experimenting with computers from multiple quantum hardware providers in a single place.” in an attempt to make quantum computing as a service.

But is Amazon late to the game? Google and IBM have long been battling it out over quantum supremacy, and this announcement comes a month after Microsoft did something similar.

What other tech news we’re reading:

  • You definitely need to check out this write up of a TV interview with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, philanthropist Priscilla Chan. (CBS News)
  • Microsoft has opened two cloud data centers in Norway, one in the capital Oslo with Stavanger supporting its various services. (Data Economy)
  • The US’ Federal Communications Commission is taking steps to relax telecom unbundling requirements. The commission is seeking comment on a proposal to eliminate a range of unbundling requirements impacting DS-0, DS-1 and DS-3 loops; voice-grade loops and dark fiber transport. (Tele Competitor)
  • Google’s co-founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, are giving up their management roles and letting Google CEO Sundar Pichai take Alphabet’s reins too. (NY Times)
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