This Week In Tech And Telco: New Ways To Teach AI

Welcome back to our weekly round-up of tech and telco news this week. While most people have clocked off to enjoy the heatwave in the UK, we're still here, delivering great content every week.

Will New York City ban the sale of mobile location data?

A New York City bill, introduced this week, would make it illegal for telecoms companies and mobile apps to collect users’ location data and sell it on to third parties.

Telcos have long sold customer location data to digital marketers and advertisers, not to mention roadside emergency assistance services as well as others.

If the legislation is approved, the city would become the first to ban the sale of geolocation data to third parties.

Photographer: NASA | Source: Unsplash

US DOJ announces big tech antitrust probe (finally)

The Justice Department is finally set to begin its long-anticipated probe of ‘big tech’.

The review will focus on monopoly concerns the areas of online search, e-commerce, and social media, targeting the likes of Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple.

While broad in nature, the DOJ will explore whether or not the companies had “reduced competition, stifled innovation, or otherwise harmed consumers.”

The Federal Trade Commission and DOJ, which both possess antitrust powers, have been preparing for action against these mega-corporations for months now.

big tech and antitrust probe. telco
DOJ has officially launched its antitrust probe. Photographer: Helloquence | Source: Unsplash

Hackers breach Russian Intelligence Agency through contractor

Hackers have stolen about 7.5 TBs of data from Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) after gaining access to a contractor’s entire network earlier this month.

0v1ru$, the group responsible for SyTech’s, a contractor for FSB, data breach, stole information about internal projects that the company was working on behalf of the FSB, including one for deanonymizing Tor traffic.

The contractor’s website was defaced with “yoba face,” the Russian term for a meme also known as “Comfy Guy”.

The Comfy Guy/YOBA meme that appeared on SyTech's website.

UK carriers to sell new Huawei phone

In a press release released by Huawei this week, the Chinese telecoms company confirmed three mobile operators in the UK will carry its first 5G phone, despite pressure from the US where all sales of Huawei tech is banned.

Three, Sky Mobile, and Carphone Warehouse have all confirmed that they will be selling the Mate 20 X 5G.

In other mobile news, T-Mobile won't carry Samsung’s Galaxy Fold after delays thanks to display flaws.

UK carriers will sell the Mate 20 X 5G (not pictured). Photographer: Jonathan Kemper | Source: Unsplash

Google’s Waymo and DeepMind collaborate on new AI technique

Google’s autonomous car company Waymo has been working with the corporation’s AI arm DeepMind to develop a new machine learning technique based on Darwin’s concepts of evolution.

Training algorithms is mostly trial and error, where the AI learns from its mistakes. This new approach, Population Based Training, starts with multiple different tests, before the poorest performing ones are removed from the population.

For the survivors, tests are tweaked and the training exercise runs again. This is repeated until the algorithms are reliable.

Google's autonomous car and AI companies are working together to explore machine learning techniques.

What else are we reading?

  • Fiber optic vibration sensors, paired with AI, could prevent train derailments and accidents by measuring the vibration and acceleration of trains. (E&T)
  • According to sources, Apple is preparing to buy what’s left of Intel's 5G smartphone modem chip business. (Wall Street Journal)
  • A robotics bar has opened in Milan with the intention of introducing users to industrial robots in a way that feels friendly and familiar. (Verdict)
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