The Need For Email Marketing In 2018

With new technology coming out every day, it can seem like email is on it's way out. This post explores why email is a crucial part of multiple stages in a buyer's journey and the Inbound Marketing process.

All the way back in 2004, PC magazine posted an article entitled The Death Of E-Mail by John Dvorak. It starts by discussing whether or not email had peaked and become useless. As a marketer, you want to become as effective as possible. You need to ask yourself, is email really worth it?


Let's have a look at the 2 main common misconceptions surrounding email marketing:

  • SPAM - Many people believe that email marketing just means more spam. To be fully transparent, 70% of all emails are actually categorised as spam and some of that is sent by marketers who purchase email lists and send endless email blasts to people who don't want to hear from them.
  • OLD SCHOOL - Some people wonder whether or not email marketing is still valuable. Aren't emails like banner ads? Haven't people learned to tune outbound emails yet?

So, is email actually still effective? The answer is a resounding YES for 6 key reasons:

  1. As of early 2018, there are 4.3 billion email accounts that send 196 billion emails every day.
  2. 91% of consumers check their email daily.
  3. Email is a channel that you own.
  4. 77% of consumers prefer email for marketing communications.
  5. Email lets you be highly personal.
  6. Email has a marketing has an ROI of 4,300%

You can check out more of these statistics in the report by Radicati, detailing full analysis and forecasts of the email climate.

At this point, you're probably thinking 'I get it. I'm in. How can email help me?'

The best part about email is it's versatility. When considering the inbound methodology,  email is primarily used in the close stage to convert your leads into customers. However, it can also be used in the delight stage. When it comes down to it, the primary function of email is to nurture your leads. Nurturing, in this case, is about sending the right email to the right audience at the right time. It's about helping people grow. Send your leads content that helps them with their problem and they will be more open to speaking to your sales team further down the line.

Radial Email

Providing your leads with the best helpful and relevant email content helps you build a relationship with them. It allows you to position yourself as a consultant, ready to help them with their challenges. Inbound is all about the combination of content and context. If you can do that well, then your leads will be more likely to interact with you.


As mentioned above, you can continue to use email after a lead has become a customer. Inbound focused businesses recognise that the point of purchase is only the beginning of their relationship with the buyer. These emails to consistently delight people, who've already bought the product or service, can be as simple as an occasional check in, sending additional resources or even exclusive customer-only extras. Attention is absolutely key to delight, and happy customers can be your biggest advocates. It's cost-effective too, with the opportunity to up-sell and reduce churn.


Hopefully, the answer to our initial question should now be clear. Email marketing definitely is worth it and can be highly effective in your inbound marketing strategy if you want to reach your customer and promoter goals. That's why 76% of marketers are using it more than they did three years ago! Just make sure you find the email software that works for you.

Email, however, makes up only a tiny part of your inbound strategy. You can find out more about the whole methodology and why it works for B2B Telcos here.

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