This Week In Tech And Telco: End To End Encryption And Space

All and all, it's been a pretty quiet week (unless you work in retail, I assume). Apart from the hard to miss flight to the edge of space, I'd also keep a keen eye on Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou's case as the US and China's trade war continues into the news year, but you can read more of that below.

Virgin goes to space

Potentially the best headline ever, right?

Richard Brandon’s Virgin Galactic made history yesterday [December 14, 2018]. SpaceShipTwo reached the edge of space after months of testing, flying to an altitude of 271,268 feet before returning to Earth.

Although the visit didn’t last very long, it was enough to verify both the spacecraft and conduct four NASA-backed scientific experiments that studied the effects of microgravity and devices that could handle life support and counteract vibration.

Other companies have gotten much further than Virgin, but SpaceShipTwo is so far the only ship to have people on board which puts us one step closer to commercial space travel.

ZY4 and The University of Cambridge collaborate

ZY4, end-to-end encryption provider, and Cambridge University have signed a loose agreement which outlines their plans to work together to explore the use of quantum safe encryption protocols and services.

Using ZY4's proprietary technologies, they will implement a pilot program to see just what can and can’t be done in the future.

Railton Frith, chairman of ZY4 Systems Inc., said "Reliable quantum computers may be just a few years away. The delivery of ZY4's quantum-invulnerable encryption in the near future provides an urgently needed practical solution to the threat posed by quantum computers, essential for securing everyone's information and global communications."The University of Cambridge is one of the world's leaders in technological innovation who promote links between academia and industry.


Update: Huawei CFO made bail in Cananda

Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou has made bail in Canada, where she was arrested earlier this month following concern she helped Huawei evade US sanctions on exports.

Using her own cash and home equity, as well as that of multiple Canadian backers, a total of C$10M was paid for her bail. She is currently staying at one of her two homes in Vancouver with an ankle bracelet and no passport.

Interest in the case has grown since US President Donald Trump suggested he may intervene if it would help his pursuit of a trade deal with China.

T-Mobile launched the first 5G network in Poland

T-Mobile has become the first to launch a 5G network in Poland.

Devices providing access to the network have been distributed to selected T-Mobile partners, so they can be used in order to develop new business solutions and products, which will be eventually offered on the mass market.Marek Zagórski, the minister of Digital Affairs, represented the state authorities at the event and the CEO of T-Mobile Polska, Andreas Maierhofer, attended the launch on behalf of T-Mobile, among others.

The launch of the 5G network is a continuation of the statement made a year ago by Tim Hoettges, who declared that Poland is one of the DT Group’s key markets and one of the first countries in Europe benefit from T-Mobile’s fifth generation network.


Dutch data hub has seen growth despite eco-political uncertainty

The annual State of the Dutch Data Hub 2018 report, by Digital Gateway to Europe, has concluded that Dutch data hub continues solid growth, remains untouched by fears of protectionism or Brexit.

Brexit, increasing protectionism and a slate of regulation coming from the EU were previously thought of as threats to data hub progress, but the report revealed increased adoption of public cloud services, an average annual growth of 18% of the Amsterdam datacenter market the past 7 years and 2 new hyperscale developments by Google and CyrusOne.

Stijn Grove, managing director of Digital Gateway to Europe, points out this is not reflected by market developments. “In a continuously changing world with growing protectionism and an upcoming Brexit, the Netherlands' starting position as a data processing and distribution country is stronger than ever.

“The current state of affairs regarding the Dutch cloud, data center growth, and connectivity demand shows that continuous investments are needed to match increasing demand. We believe that just as in other years, the Dutch Data Hub can shield itself from external factors and continue to be one of the most desired digital distribution points in the world.”


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