This Week In Tech And Telco: Man Down! No... Robot Down

It’s been an interesting week. Tech firms are playing hard into the new year; Huawei is still battling to be accepted by the UK Government and push its foldable phone out before Samsung. But who will win?

A recently published report also claims that the majority of telecommunications professionals think 2019 will be a good year for the industry. What do you think? Read on:

Self-driving Tesla ‘kills’ robot

What a world we live in, ey? A model S Tesla in autonomous mode collided with a ‘rogue’ robot ahead of CES in Las Vegas.

The car, which did have a human passenger in it, failed to stop upon hitting the robot and travelled anther 150 feet before stopping.

Promobot, which rents out the robots for $2,000 a day, said the incident happened on Sunday as engineers were moving several of their robots to a display booth in a convention center.

Though it is not yet known why, the robot in question ‘stepped out of line’ and is now ‘destroyed’.

Though a pleasantly novel story, one can only wonder what this says for Tesla. Would the car have stopped sooner had it hit a real person?

CES is the annual Consumer Electronics Show, one of the largest of its kind in the world.

Huawei to change practices to appease UK govt

Chinese telecommunications vendor Huawei has agreed to change its practices after meetings with UK security officials.

The vendor will write a formal letter to the National Cyber Security Centre with details of the agreement, including measures that will be taken to resolve security concerns within their technology.

The meeting was scheduled to prevent a ban on Huawei’s telco equipment, similar to the US and Australia.

In 2010, the UK set up the Huawei Cyber Security Evaluation Centre (HCSEC) where UK intelligence experts from the GCHQ examine the company’s equipment for potential security threats.

The evaluation centre identified new risks earlier this year, and could no longer fully ensure all risks to the UK’s infrastructure had been mitigated.


5G and virtualization top list for telco in 2019

The recently-published Annual Industry Survey report found telco professionals are most excited for developments in 5G and virtualization.

The survey, which had over 1,000 respondents within the telecoms industry, found that 75% think 2019 will be a great year.

Highlights include excitement around 5G, not only the deployment of the next-generation wireless technology but of consumer products with 5G capabilities. Despite the hype, 62% of respondents believe the benefits of 5G have not been properly communicated to consumers.

5G is a key dependency for the industry’s next talking point: virtualization, a topic that has been gathering momentum is virtualization. Nearly to 80% of the respondents recognising the significance of network functions virtualization (NFV) for the success of their business.

NFV is where network services traditionally run on proprietary, dedicated hardware, is virtualized.

Will Samsung’s foldable phone arrive next month?

Samsung is set to reveal a foldable phone at various launch events around the world on February 20, a week ahead of the industry’s annual bonanza in Barcelona, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The phone maker traditionally launches new flagships at the Mobile World Congress but the race to beat Huawei, who is rumored to also have an almost-ready foldable phone, has pushed the launch forward.

A prototype was showcased as multiple devices last September and there is expected to be three, if not four, foldable devices going to marketing March/

A prototype of the device was showcased at a series of events last September, though people familiar with the matter claim three new, foldable devices will be hitting the shelves in March.


NTT Com Builds New Point-of-Presence in Toronto, Canada

NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com), the global data and IP services arm of telecom leader NTT is expanding its Global IP Network with a new Point-of-Presence (PoP) in Toronto, Canada.

The expansion means the company can widen its offering to ISPs, content companies and cloud providers, among others,

NTT Com customers will be able to connect at numerous capacity levels including 100G ports with confirmed diversity and direct connections to multiple points in the Global IP Network to ensure the highest reliability and the lowest latency in the IP services.

"We are thrilled to extend our footprint into one of North America's fastest growing technology hubs," said Michael Wheeler, executive vice president of the NTT Communications Global IP Network at NTT America.

"Internet-centric businesses and organizations operating in the area will have direct access to our tier-1 global backbone and the high-performance IP solutions they need for their content, online video, hosting, gaming and other bandwidth-intensive applications."

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