This week in Tech and Telco: Ramping Up 5G Efforts

These weekly roundups are really starting to get me; how do days go so fast? I suppose, as they say, time flies when you’re having fun.

Personally, the most newsworthy thing I’ve learned this week is that Radia Path’s CEO, Ruth Plater, has a fiber optic cutting with her name on it tucked away in our office. Is it just me that’s totally impressed at the level of geek? (For lack of a better word!)

But that’s just the kind of service and expertise you can expect from Radial Path; we get you. And we also get that you’re busy, and that’s why we started producing these roundups. So, on with it… (but can we just mention it’s basically Christmas next week?!)

Adva Optical Networking invest in the edge

The challenge that connectivity faces with increased demand from Internet of Things devices and 5G has been long overdue a solution.

ADVA has announced 100Gbit/s service aggregations at the edge of data center and metro networks, which will boost capacity and flexibility while creating a 5G-ready infrastructure.

Though edge computing was once brushed off as a buzzword, it seems traditional infrastructure is beginning to incorporate micro datacenters into their model. This means there could be a small hub at the end of every street, improving latency and service as data packets can travel to their destination more efficiently with several, smaller jumps through micro data centers.

The ADVA FSP 150-XG480 is a 1.6Tbit/s (800Gbit/s full-duplex) service aggregation device for the rapidly expanding metro [metropolitian] edge which will help communication service providers (CSPs) scale their edge networks to accommodate future needs.

A second model, the ADVA FSP 150-Z4806, enables data center operators to aggregate local traffic with a comprehensive set of Layer 2, Layer 3 and tunneling protocols to interconnect through any network.

Huawei launches Blockchain Service for global use

Huawei Cloud has officially launched its blockchain service globally, following its commercial use in China on October 10 this year.

The Blockchain Service (BCS) aims to help global business create cost-effective blockchain applications, also aiding in deployment and management of software.

The service capitalizes on the advantages of HUAWEI CLOUD’s container and security technologies, which is easy to use, efficient, and universally applicable, and can be used in data applications, IoT and finance.

BCS lays a foundation for a global blockchain platform, encouraging enterprise to adopt and utilize the immutable ledger.

Australian telco kickstart Fiber-to-the-Curb plans

Australia's state-run wholesaler NBN Co has kicked off its gigabit-fast copper-based broadband, gearing up for its FTTC enterprise plan. The dual-mode Distribution Point Units (DPUs) supplied by Nokia are being installed typically around 40 meters from customer premises, which can then be activated remotely for speeds. This increased the peak throughput of its FTTC network to around 2 Gbps aggregate upstream and downstream speeds. NBN Co aims to connect 1.4 million premises to the network by 2020.

O2 launches scheme to boost connectivity in London ahead of 5G

Network operator O2 is working with manufacturer Nokia on ‘Massive MIMO’ trials across Kings Cross and Marble Arch, London. The trials will enhance connectivity for O2 customers while paving the way for the future 5G across the capital.

Massive MIMO works by sending multiple beams of data from an antenna to devices, increasing performance and enhancing capacity with the ability to serve more users at the same time.

The two locations were chosen due to their particularly high traffic. Over 95 million people travel through the Kings Cross St Pancras area every year and over 14 million passed through Marble Arch area last year.

Brendan O’Reilly, CTO, Telefonica UK said: “We recognize that customers’ need for mobile data in London and other urban areas continues to grow at a rapid pace. This is why we are working with Nokia to trial Massive MIMO and to explore the opportunities to provide the increased capacity and denser coverage for our customers, in the areas they need it most.Whether trialing 5G or ensuring the remotest parts of rural Britain can connect to 4G, O2 is committed to building a truly Mobile Britain.”

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