Why Linkedin Is Essential For Your Marketing & Sales Strategy In 2019

LinkedIn is one of the largest professional networks, with around 562 million users. As a business on LinkedIn, you have millions of professionals within your reach; the opportunity to connect with a large network while driving traffic to your website and generating sales.

The platform is so powerful that Hubspot found it 277% more effective for lead generation than Facebook or Twitter. By interacting with others’ content, engaging in debate, and sharing original content like blogs, videos, and infographics, you can establish yourself as a thought-leader, grow your network, and generate leads.

Due to its large C-level demographic, LinkedIn is mostly used by B2B companies targeting decision makers in other businesses and mid-levels looking to advance their career.


As per the inbound methodology, following a social schedule, producing non-overly-salesy content, and adding value to your connections helps your company stay at the forefront of prospects’ minds when they begin moving through the buyer's journey.

This means your reputation is vital. Using different features to share content and expand your network will help improve reputation, establish yourself, and build an online community. This is true for both the company and the people within it. Although LinkedIn is primarily B2B, it’s important to remember that people like to connect with people more than brands. The building, establishing and maintaining of these relationships can be cumbersome.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a built-in tool which can ease this process for you, so you can work smart and spend time on more high-value tasks.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Influencer marketing has boomed in recent years, which means ‘the people’ are often actually the business. The same could be said for you. By having a LinkedIn marketing strategy in place which revolves around content and engagement, while getting involved in both personal and business-focused groups, you are able to position yourself as an industry thought-leader. This is often referred to as social selling.

A strong reputation goes hand in hand with influence and LinkedIn is the perfect platform to establish both. This is beneficial in a long-term strategy that also generates more traffic to your website, and therefore more potential leads. Optimizing your profile  is an essential part of growing this network; ensure your profile photos are appropriate for a professional setting, and add industry keywords throughout your profile to enhance discoverability.


Connecting with other influencers will also build up your own reputation. You can identify influencers by checking their follower count and seeing how popular they are. The higher the number of followers, the more likely they are thought-leaders and are producing content you can both benefit from. However, it’s worth noting that quality is always preferable over quantity. Make sure they don’t just have a tonne of followers but no engagement!

LinkedIn’s in-depth search, in both the main search tool and within groups, means identifying, generating, and nurturing leads is also made easier. Leads are established through an accumulation of the aforementioned strategies; networking, sharing and participating, as well as listening and analyzing. The same methods mean it’s easier to keep leads warm, too. Though this will naturally drive more traffic to your site, LinkedIn also has native lead-capture forms and analytical tools built in - essentially acting as a makeshift spreadsheet CRM.

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Aside from creating top quality, shareable content, LinkedIn also allows for paid ads. Use this with your bespoke posts optimized for the platform and boosted through the sponsored post feature. This means your content will not only be shared to your extensive network, but will be displayed on the news feeds of people you’re not connected with.

With a hybrid of paid-for and earned media you can establish yourself and your business as a leading authority within your industry and increase lead generation by creating and sharing versatile content that is backed up by market research from the very platform it’s deployed, across a relevant and targeted network.

But developing ideas, strategies and managing it all can be timely and confusing, especially as it’s often difficult to know where to start. To fully utilize the platform, businesses should use marketing services to monitor accounts, create content, grow audiences, and show how it’s all working in data-driven reports.

Investing in LinkedIn as a Service will help you maximize your business’ impact and presence on the platform while leveraging powerful features to reach key target personas. With the right strategy, LinkedIn’s mix of mid to high level users and proven track record as the ideal platform for lead generation is also the perfect place for you to grow your business.

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