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KORE (NYSE: KORE), a global multi-award-winning pioneer and front-runner in IoT implementation, hit a snag when their primary lead-gen channel—face-to-face events—came to a standstill due to COVID travel restrictions.

Radial Path's Strategy:

  • Intelligent Social Selling: Understanding KORE's need, we crafted a strategy emphasising social selling to capture high-quality demand, to create high-quality opportunities in their pipeline.

  • Tailored Messaging: Recognising KORE's diverse audience, we developed custom messages addressing the unique needs and challenges of each segment. This level of personalisation heightened the rate of acceptance and conversion through the pipeline.

The Impact:

After impressive results, KORE decided to globalise the campaign - expanding the geographical targets and onboarding their US sales team. The results spoke volumes:

  • Out of 769 leads generated, 233 were qualified as sales ready - securing meetings with companies such as: Apple, Jaguar, Volvo, Ericsson, Vodafone, LG.

  • The cost per lead? A mere £31, dwarfing the typical trade show CPL


When conventional methods faltered, KORE turned digital. Their leap of faith, backed by our bespoke strategies, led to a global success story in a landscape devoid of physical events.

"Since COVID and the cancellation of face to face events, I was looking for creative ways to engage with decision makers that would have attended those industry events, and thus generate top-of-the funnel, quality leads for our sales team to go after. Radial Path seemed to have a fresh approach to B2B lead generation, leveraging marketing tech to define and approach key decision-makers at volume. We never expected the results to be so good, so fast. In fact we ended up globalising what was a European focused campaign. I'm very pleased.”

Kayleigh Thomas
Senior Marketing Manager, KORE

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