From Web Redesign to 65% Traffic Boost for Maplewave

Digital & Performance Strategy
Search Engine Optimisation
Sales Enablement

Maplewave, a prominent digital solutions and consulting provider for telco retail, was on a mission to amplify their online presence and lead generation.

Radial Path's Strategy:

  • Web Enhancement: Designed a user-centric site with motion graphics on the 'Transact Anywhere' page, articulating Maplewave's intricate software offerings.

  • Social Campaigns: Launched potent paid campaigns on LinkedIn, seamlessly integrated with Hubspot for comprehensive tracking.

  • Optimal Outreach: Established audience strategies, crafted multiple landing pages for A/B tests, and designed Hubspot forms to efficiently capture leads.

The Impact:

  • Web traffic surged by 65.52% within half a year post-launch.

  • Maplewave’s team gained the autonomy to update their website via our Webflow masterclass.

  • All digital campaigns were flawlessly merged with Maplewave's Hubspot account, ensuring lead nurturing was precise.

"With Radial Path’s precision campaigns, we were getting an incredible lead flow. We had 31 great leads in just the first few weeks! One of the deals we got through their campaigns led to a multi-million dollar deal. Combined with the support they’ve given us with the website and integrating marketing ops with Hubspot, we couldn’t be happier.”

Will Gibson
VP of Sales and Marketing, Maplewave

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