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How do you market a product that you can’t see or touch? This was the biotech company Metaphysiks’ question when they approached us for help while undertaking extensive funding rounds. With an astonishing product - a neuro-haptic material that could simulate human touch - the team wanted to show investors the endless medical, professional, and personal use cases of this scientific breakthrough, even when they couldn’t demonstrate it first-hand.

Radial Path's Strategy:

  • Storytelling: Without the ability to see or feel a product, you have to sell potential investors the story. Whether we were building their pitch deck or relaunching their website, every piece of content started on the foundations of selling the Metaphysiks dream.

  • A Face Lift: How do you illustrate the technological prowess of a passion product like Metaphysiks? A stunning website, of course. Inspired by the likes of Apple, we put our all into building a brand new website that denoted quality, technology, and some serious coolness.

  • Mindful Channel Exploration: With the knowledge that investors seek a reassuring presence, we undertook careful, measured multichannel marketing for Metaphysiks. This included setting up select social media channels, and drip-feeding content that continued to tell that all-important story.

The Impact:

Metaphysiks now enters investment conversations, confident in their ability to showcase the capabilities of their product as an established brand. Through careful outreach and a remarkable brand uplift, we increased brand recognition in their key markets by 19% in just three months, along with a 38% increase in new followers on their social platform.

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