Preparing SG.GS for Global Expansion

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As SG.GS sought to stretch their network wings globally, they realised the need for a renewed image that resonated beyond borders. The ambition? A brand presence that echoed their unique value in APAC while maintaining a cohesive identity that could be recognised universally. Their aspirations were grand, but finding a balance between new aspirations and existing brand equity was a tightrope walk.

Radial Path's Strategy:

  • Visionary Strategy: We didn’t just jump into execution. First, we deep-dived into SG.GS's goals, positioning, and desired market personality. This foundation paved the way for every decision made thereafter.

  • Evolving the Brand: With respect to their established brand equity, we revamped their product marketing and messaging. This transformation was crucial in ensuring SG.GS’s brand continued to be robust, relevant, and resonant.

  • Visual Upgrade: Our team brought to life a fresh visual identity for SG.GS, giving them a contemporary facade without erasing their historical essence.

  • Digital Presence Overhaul: Beyond just aesthetics, we restructured their website and social media profiles to align with the revamped brand voice and vision.

The Impact:

SG.GS now boasts a brand image that not only captures their essence in APAC but resonates on a global scale. Their refurbished digital footprint ensures consistent recognition, and their messaging now strikes the right chords across diverse markets.

"Radial Path smashed it. We absolutely love the new brand direction and assets. It’s been creating such a buzz around SG.GS as we grow the international side of the business.”

Dave Pumford
VP, GM International

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