Aetopia's Marketing Transformation

Brand Identity
Content Marketing
Digital & Performance Strategy

Having successfully established themselves in the public sector, Aetopia aspired to drive more growth with enterprise customers. However, to resonate with this new audience, they recognised the need for a brand evolution that spoke the corporate language while retaining their unique value and brand essence.

Radial Path's Strategy:

  • Brand Clarity: Through an in-depth Brand Workshop, we embarked on a journey of discovery. The outcome was a clear, comprehensive brand pack that painted a vivid picture of Aetopia's ambition in the enterprise world.

  • Target Personas: We delineated their ideal enterprise clients, understanding their challenges, motivations, and expectations from a solution or provider.

  • Brand Essence: A coherent purpose, value proposition, and brand narrative statement were crafted. This became the cornerstone, summing up why Aetopia mattered to the corporate ecosystem.

  • Message Blueprint: Outlining key messages, positioning pillars, and win-themes allowed Aetopia to have a consistent voice. These became the basis for various marketing and sales materials.

  • Authenticity Through Proof: We helped identify and showcase proof points - customer testimonials, certifications, analyst quotes, etc., bolstering their claims and building trust.

The Impact:

"I think the only thing I would change would be hiring Radial Path earlier."

Frank Kerr
Managing Director and CTO, Aetopia

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