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5 Reasons Why You Need A Digital Marketing Agency In Tech & Telco

Marianne Turner
October 28, 2020

Everyone knows the benefits of outsourcing to an agency. From value for money to time saving, agencies are a blessing to the overworked and understaffed marketing departments of the world. 

Especially those operating in the tech and telco industries; who are expected to have a high level knowledge of technical products, as well as the creativity, meticulousness, and grasp of complex data to create campaigns for these specialisms. Simply put, agencies = good.

If you’re new to the world of outsourcing, or just reaffirming the great choice you made to work with one, take a look at these five benefits to using an agency. 

Save the hassle of a new hire

Bringing a new member into your team is a pain at the best of times. After you’ve navigated advertisements, applications, interviews and HR, you still need to train your new hire - who’s got the time? Considering the impact that this whirl has had on your business continuity, and the ramifications to industries as a whole, no one wants to upscale. It’s therefore the perfect time to onboard an agency. Less paperwork, less admin *shudder*, and a whole lot more experience - welcome to the year of outsourcing.

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Make the most of your martech

You need only look at the 2020 martech landscape to see just how many options there are. With software for everything from data enhancement to content creation, one campaign can warrant a heap of services. Navigating the martech world is time consuming, expensive, and pretty damn confusing - but lucky for you agencies have dedicated data-nerds whose job it is to keep up to date with the best and brightest on offer. If your software stack currently resembles a rusty old banger of broken links, think of an agency as the mechanics who will weld, fix, and oil it up into a veritable marketing Maserati.

Industry experts 

Every industry comes with its own jargon, language, gripes and trends - especially tech and telco. Agencies, especially specialized agencies like Radial Path, have experience throughout the sector. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients from cybersecurity to IoT to data centres, and we understand the complexities of each one. It’s near impossible to find an individual who understands the complexities of our industry as well as the nuances of stellar marketing (and if you can find them, you probably can’t afford them).

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Can’t see the wood for the trees?

We’re all guilty of carrying around the baggage of failed campaigns and misfired ideas - but fear of repeating these mistakes breeds boring marketing. Bringing in an agency offers the chance of a fresh perspective, without the burden of past failures. We’re objective, we’re innovative, and we’re not afraid of ruffling the higher ups’ feathers. If you have a fear of flopping and are restrained by internal politics, an agency could be for you.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

None of us are where we thought we would be in January. Whether you’re still working at the kitchen table or have found yourself doing three people’s jobs, your 2021 predictions probably resemble a curly straw. Many ambitious growth plans have been put on hold, so prioritizing has never been more important. Let us agonize over commas and get into the nitty gritty of spreadsheet code. You focus on keeping afloat.

But does that mean all agencies are created equal? We think you know the answer to that. Radial Path is the only full service digital marketing agency that caters solely to the tech and telco industries. We’ve helped businesses all over the world, of all shapes and sizes take their digital marketing to new heights - and if you related to anything in this blog, we can help you too.

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