Struggling To Manage Data? These Strategies Could Help

Megan Killion
December 2, 2021

Your data is a lot like your outdoor grill—it’s not doing you much good when it’s just sitting there.

Data metrics help plan new strategies and assess the effectiveness of past ones, but on their own, they are no more useful than a list of winning bingo numbers. Your data management strategy will allow you to parse through these diverse reference points and create meaningful steps forward for your business.

Building a marketing strategy through data is especially important in the data-rich space of telecom and cloud computing. The quickest way to turn these disparate points into a practical system will be to manage this data based on where it could be best deployed. But where to start?

Making your data more friendly will result in better outcomes across your marketing efforts. Below are some tips for data management, effective segmentation, and perhaps fewer headaches.

Upgrade Your CRM Flexibility

If your team is currently using a CRM, explore options with your service provider for automating and increasing the data scope of existing forms.

For instance, you might look at your successes in terms of your ideal sales pipeline outcomes. To understand your sales process better and how your closes best come about, you can integrate data on how long these individual sales took to complete and which industries correlate to different cycle lengths. This examination will help you manage the data you are receiving and understand it in the context of how to move forward.

Your CRM might also integrate with outreach programs that allow for more efficient segmentation of your customer base for reliable automation and targeted outreach. Using your existing database, you can segment leads into a different category than past customers and offer incentives or targeted outreach more effectively.

In these examples, you accomplish more with less—using your CRM to the fullest for better automation and allowing your data to work for you.

Segment Your Email Lists

Segmenting your email list offers the ability to optimize better (and later take advantage of) two vital metrics in outreach: click-through rates and open rates.

Your open rate determines how many people opened your email, while the click-through rate determines how many readers followed through on links or CTA’s within the document.

These metrics can be better attributed to more precise demographics by first segmenting your email lists. Like understanding your sales pipeline through the groups of clients you target, a better understanding of click-through and open rates will offer you more robust insights and allow for better momentum in thriving areas and improvement opportunities for lagging ones.

In short, managing the baskets, your data will enter before it is collected is a strong strategy for data management.

Hire A Marketing Strategist

When in niche markets such as computing and technology, a marketing strategist offers perspectives that are not easily picked up in a technology officer’s career journey. While much of your team is dedicated to the precise technology deployment, a marketing strategist has eyes for the peripheral data and associated metrics.

Like most marketing projects, your time as an expert in technology is the most valuable asset-building social media asset, and SEO-optimized content may not rank high on your to-do list.

While you, as a technology expert, watch the users and report metrics within your applications or hardware. A marketing strategist partner can provide insight into the consumer journey before they implement your solutions.

Keeping your technical and marketing data separate allows you to understand the journey from lead to the user and optimize both effectively.

Data strategies are as unique as they are diverse. Understanding your situation is where Radial Path excels and creates meaningful, lasting connections between brands and users. Book a consultation with us to learn more about practical data management, customer activation, and all things under the technological marketing umbrella.

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