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Why You Should Leverage Multichannel Paid Media

Alan Moses
July 1, 2021

Multichannel Paid Media; it’s not rocket science, but it’ll launch your campaigns into space.

Defined as a single strategy deployed across multiple channels, multichannel marketing is the approach of choice for killer campaigns. Smart marketers know that leveraging multiple relevant, digital channels massively increases their conversion rates when it comes to acquiring new business. And with the average person having accounts on 8.8 digital channels, why not try to reach them there? Single channel marketing campaigns may have worked 10 years ago, but research-driven, digitally savvy consumers want multiple touchpoints with brands when making purchasing decisions - give it to them! And if wowing prospects isn’t reason enough, check out these 4 benefits of launching your own multichannel paid media campaigns.

Increased mind share

Simply put, the more your brand is out there the easier it is for potential customers to find you - and as few businesses can rely on organic traffic alone, promoting content across multiple channels always keeps your brand at centre stage. It gives customers multiple touch points to interact with you during their buying journey for any questions they may have. (We recently spoke about the importance of having a wide amount of options for your customers to reach you on). 

What’s more, with innovative platforms such as Stackadapt, getting your brand in front of a large volume of relevant prospects has never been easier. 

Future proof your marketing

Traditional, well-loved channels can be disrupted with little-to-no warning; so if your marketing strategy relies on only a handful of channels, it puts you in a pretty precarious position. Take the mass cancellation of in-person events for example, enterprises using conferences and business events as their primary source of leads were hit hard. And as digital channels such as Linkedin get more savvy towards individuals using the platform for large scale invites, it’s clear the “blasting of invites” is no longer a viable option.

So don’t gamble on one channel, spreading your marketing efforts - and budget - across varying channels allows for greater peace of mind during uncertain times. 

Multichannel retargeting increases conversions 

Retargeting using multichannel programmatic advertising platforms increases conversions through buyer-intent driven data. Hitting the right people at the right time and reducing wastage - 70% of people who see a retargeted ad are more likely to convert. 

By enabling potential customers to reach you on multiple channels, you increase the likelihood of conversions by providing an abundance of support and information, regardless of the prospects’ demographic. 

Accurate reporting 

Tracking metrics is a breeze when advertising across various digital channels. Marketers can determine an accurate ROI from entire campaigns and stack channels against each other. It’s also super easy to determine the CPL from such campaigns, which makes reporting and proving to higher-ups simple. 

In short, paid media multichannel campaigns are the only option for savvy, modern marketers. Have a thorough audit of your customer personas and current funnel, leverage the digital channels available, and watch the results come raking in.

Want to leverage paid media campaigns but can’t get your head around the logistics? We’re experts on stitching together channels to create beautiful, seamless campaigns which optimise marketing spend - let’s have a chat.

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